Sunday, July 31, 2011

Massage Fashion?

Massage is a form of stress - release activity and while there can be different kinds of massage like the Thai, Swedish or acupressure, they make use of various massage apparel to help make the massage comfortable and easy.

When my friends and I decided to go through a Thai massage session where stretching is a basic routine, we were asked to be in loose pajamas and tops. All our fashion accessories like jewelry and watch were kept stored.

But, whenever I have my Swedish and acupressure massages, I normally go on shorts and loose shirts for easy pressures.

Experts claim that stress is a dangerous condition, thus, you too can enjoy the benefits of massage or if you simply want to learn the massage therapy program, check the massage therapy program online for online learning. You may both enjoy its health benefits plus earn more from the added skills.

How to Spot a Dior Sunglass Fake

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Among the many sunglasses we have, one pair of DIOR sunglass quite stands out and while we get praises for it, we have one (1) customer who criticize its authenticity. So, I managed to search for tips how to spot a DIOR fake.

Here are common distinctions of original DIOR:

  • One arm of DIOR has a marking, "Christian Dior," and on the other side, it should say Made in Italy followed by the Model name like Diorlywood. KUN 120.
  • There are no MODEL numbers, so, when customers say model numbers are required, suspect these as a fake and deceiving.
  • Consider the price and materials and if they are way too cheap or light and color seems fading, suspect it as a fake.
  • Current Christian Dior boxes are silver and say simply "Dior." Some older boxes with the black "Christian Dior" are authentic, and some authentics also come in soft silver pouches with black "Christian Dior" or "Dior" text, depending on your supplier.

With all these tips, buy only from a legitimate seller.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fahion Cigar

Fashion has evolved in so many ways and the generation can only commend and sometimes criticize how fancy and wacky or elegant fashion statement can be.

But, one of the fashion statements that quite overwhelm most people is the use of cigars or cigarettes to exude a sexy aura along with their fancy or classic look. Thus, you see Hollywood celebrities pose with cigarette sticks between their fingers. Further, the look also gives a personality boost of independence and free will.

While this fashion accessory can be for habit or for casual look, I guess, the choice is really up to the individuals who choose to smoke for personality, fashion or something else.

Kreativ Boutique Anniversary Sale

The Kreativ Boutique in its 1st year!

We cant really believe it, we are now on our first year and although we quite started much earlier, we celebrate our first year of stay in a local mall and we can only thank our valued customers for their continue patronage.

As our way of saying thank you, we have the storewide discounts on all our items along with the raffle draw of freebies.

So, come and visit us and enjoy the anniversary sale discounts on our great collections.

Proud Mindanaoan Fashion Designer, Randy Ortiz

Just recently, the Koronadal City hailed their Tinalak Festival, an annual event to highlight the culture of the natives. And, one of their big events was the search of Miss Koronadal where the fashion works of the local designers swept off the feet of their audience and more importantly, Randy Ortiz, a renowned national fashion designer, showed off his works in the pageant show. Of course, we can only take pride since Randy Ortiz is a fellow South Cotabato local.

The video below from YouTube shows simply how Randy Ortiz is a name equal to any signature label.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashion Stocks and More

Our boutique shall be holding its one year anniversary this July 18, 2011 and we can only be happier as we continue to serve regular clients and get new customers to serve.

We shall be holding anniversary promotions including drawing of freebies and gift certificates. I can only hope I can delegate the job before I shall forget about them again.

We have new apparel, accessories, perfumes and shoes to choose from. I can only hope that the sales remains ok since the second quarter of the year is usually stale and bleak.

I somehow wish I can start a business in athletics to include accessories and apparel for running, swimming, diving and boxing to name a few. For now, I can only direct my clients and friends to online shopping for their athletic recreational needs including liguid image explorer underwater mask among others.

I still have a lot of new stocks still hidden from display, I can only wish that stocks get to be sold immediately, so, I can replenish them quite fast.

Get the Right Shoe for Your Sports

Since 2008, I have been running for fun, health and good looks and while I previously settled on jogging pants and any rubber shoe on hand, I finally decided to invest on the right running apparel and good pair of running shoes. For a year or two, I endured in my training shoes as I used them in my morning jogs and aero – ka – bo (aerobics, karate and boxing). But, most of the time, I hurt my knee or my ankle and when I joined professional races already, my husband decided to get me a good pair of running shoes.

Funny though that my ignorance overwhelmed me thinking that any rubber shoe can be used for running, so, I managed to do my research to tell the difference of running shoes. One can only consider the kind of feet he has including the kind of sports because tennis shoes won't be all ok on running and vice and versa.

Thus, before you buy any pair of athletic shoes, verify with the store for the most appropriate pair and complement this with the kind of feet that you have.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why You Should be on Your Hot Athletic Gear

When I joined professional races practically every two weeks, thanks to General Santos City Police for holding the races every two weeks for different local and national causes and advocacies, I practically started buying running shorts and dry – fit shirts along with my running accessories like iPod arm band, hip utility belt and head band.

Wearing the right athletic gear will not only show off the kind of sports you are in but it also makes the sports more comfortable to play in.

Staying slim and fit is never easy but with proper diet and active lifestyle along with weight – loss support like best slimming pills and / or plastic surgeries can help us stay in shape.

Since it is already a passion to run until I grow older, I wish to buy more of running apparel and a new good pair of running shoes to boot.

AzKals Football Fashion

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Philippines was all obsessed with basketball that even barangays hold a basketball court for the community but when Manny Pacquiao conquered the boxing arena by coveting all the world titles and Ms. Venus Raj from the recently concluded Miss Universe, Philippines has been known for beauty and sports. But, the nation is swept off its feet when the national football team, Azkals had beaten other countries and now playing to qualify for World Cup.

So, with all this football hype, the Azkals fashion is also filling the sports racks of most department stores. I can only wish that I can find my own Azkals jersey, so, I can use in my running.

Running Costume For Me

I have run in five (5) professional races covering 3km, 5km and 10km for different national advocacy and local support programs. And, in spite of the hard and hot sweaty run and injured knee and finishing the race way farther from the leading runners, I could only feel the excitement and fulfillment of pushing myself to its limits.

So, it has been my passion and obsession to run in every race that I can join and the next one shall be a night run, however, on the same evening, my school – employer shall hold its acquaintance party, so, I decided to both attend the events in my running gear.