Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashion Stocks and More

Our boutique shall be holding its one year anniversary this July 18, 2011 and we can only be happier as we continue to serve regular clients and get new customers to serve.

We shall be holding anniversary promotions including drawing of freebies and gift certificates. I can only hope I can delegate the job before I shall forget about them again.

We have new apparel, accessories, perfumes and shoes to choose from. I can only hope that the sales remains ok since the second quarter of the year is usually stale and bleak.

I somehow wish I can start a business in athletics to include accessories and apparel for running, swimming, diving and boxing to name a few. For now, I can only direct my clients and friends to online shopping for their athletic recreational needs including liguid image explorer underwater mask among others.

I still have a lot of new stocks still hidden from display, I can only wish that stocks get to be sold immediately, so, I can replenish them quite fast.