Monday, July 11, 2011

Get the Right Shoe for Your Sports

Since 2008, I have been running for fun, health and good looks and while I previously settled on jogging pants and any rubber shoe on hand, I finally decided to invest on the right running apparel and good pair of running shoes. For a year or two, I endured in my training shoes as I used them in my morning jogs and aero – ka – bo (aerobics, karate and boxing). But, most of the time, I hurt my knee or my ankle and when I joined professional races already, my husband decided to get me a good pair of running shoes.

Funny though that my ignorance overwhelmed me thinking that any rubber shoe can be used for running, so, I managed to do my research to tell the difference of running shoes. One can only consider the kind of feet he has including the kind of sports because tennis shoes won't be all ok on running and vice and versa.

Thus, before you buy any pair of athletic shoes, verify with the store for the most appropriate pair and complement this with the kind of feet that you have.