Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to Spot a Dior Sunglass Fake

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Among the many sunglasses we have, one pair of DIOR sunglass quite stands out and while we get praises for it, we have one (1) customer who criticize its authenticity. So, I managed to search for tips how to spot a DIOR fake.

Here are common distinctions of original DIOR:

  • One arm of DIOR has a marking, "Christian Dior," and on the other side, it should say Made in Italy followed by the Model name like Diorlywood. KUN 120.
  • There are no MODEL numbers, so, when customers say model numbers are required, suspect these as a fake and deceiving.
  • Consider the price and materials and if they are way too cheap or light and color seems fading, suspect it as a fake.
  • Current Christian Dior boxes are silver and say simply "Dior." Some older boxes with the black "Christian Dior" are authentic, and some authentics also come in soft silver pouches with black "Christian Dior" or "Dior" text, depending on your supplier.

With all these tips, buy only from a legitimate seller.