Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boutique on Festival Sale Fever

It is September and the people of General Santos City celebrate Tuna Festival for a month and our Kreativ Boutique can only join in the festival fever that we have our storewide sale.

When festivals are, the clients are only happier because practically everything is sold in cheaper rates including restaurant equipment for sale to top your restaurant store among others.

So, we can only wish that our bleak sales from the previous months can be well compensated by the festivals and the upcoming Christmas holidays. For now, we can only have fun and be merry.

Why Stainless Fashion Accessories Are Better

stainless earrings
photo source:

Among my personal favorites are the stainless fashion accessories that I keep and sell. But, my penchant for this type of fashion material boils to practical reasons, stainless materials simply sustain rust, come cheap and last longer.

Normally, their prices are cheaper than silver accessories but with silver components and natural exposure to skin acidity, dust and sweat among others, they simply tarnish fast.

So, after a good investment on silver, I simply directed my craving to stainless accessories, and boy, I simply love them. So, if you want to be fancy and bold with your fashion accessories, include stainless stuffs in your collection.


Get the Perfect Running Shoes

my new REEBOK running shoes
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Last August, we managed to visit Manila to attend to business stuffs and before we head home, we were able to spot this Reebok outlet inside SM Megamall and I simply fall in love with this pink RealFlex Reebok running shoes.

And, since my old running sneakers are all beaten, I would only love the new pair and loving more the comfort the shoes offer.

So, even if I run 10km or more, I can only feel less discomfort.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Make Your Kids Wear the Perfect Recreational Gear

Security is our top most priority if it concerns our kid and while we want them to experience as much learning and fun as possible as they play with fellow kids, play on their favorite games and equipment including a swing set among others, we want them secured at all times.

Thus, as a responsible parent or guardian, we can let our kids wear the right security pads with comfortable outfit to keep them warm and comfy.

Depending on the time of recreation that our kids play, we secure the perfect security recreational gear like helmet, pads and comfy clothing to be our top choices.

Fashion Disaster First Aids

photo source: internet

Every one practically has one fashion disaster or two and it may mean losing a button, stuck - up zipper pant, or broken shoes. While we wish we can just go home and fix our emergency, sometimes, we simply have no choice but find a first aid.

So, here are practical tips just in case you case, you have your fashion disaster moment.

1. If you lose a blouse' button, find a pin to do the trick.
2. If you are too bloated from too much eating and your pants or skirt simply wont close, use a rubber band to keep the ends meet.
3. If your pants are too long, fold it using a clip or staple wire.
4. If you have stains on your white clothing, find a powder to conceal it.
6. to make your shoes' sole less slippery, add a hair spray to it.
7. if your zipper simply wont budge, use a candle on it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tribal Costume for Patriotism

with the graders on their visayan attire
the other girls on their Luzon attire

with co - teachers in our national tribal attires

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Loving my iPod - Top Fashion

reaching the finish line with my pink - themed apparel and accessories

Since I got my sports MP3 busted, I have to use my iPod in my running and in between of my classes to relax and stay sane from all my busy works.

I was however worried earlier when I had to run with my iPod amidst the drizzling rain. Good thing that its arm band had kept it dry.

I shall however be needing ipod docks to protect and keep my iPod handy. It is only a relief that I can check online for good purchases.

If I have the resources, I shall update my iPod and acquire the latest one in the market for my future runs.

Liking Victoria's Secret Tote Bags

Victoria' s Secret canvas bags
photo source:

I recently acquired one of Victoria's Secret tote canvas bag and I could only love it more since it is spacious, stylish and comfy.

My liking was not at all pointless because even my co - teachers and students could only praise my new acquisition. Kreativ Boutique shall soon have them in display. Watch out for them!

Loving My Nike Running Fashion

I just ran 10km for a noble cause, Run for Humanity, and luckily won 1st place in the women's category while taking the 4th place in the men's category.

But, I quite love my running apparel as I wore my new Nike pink dryfit tops and running shorts along with my iPod and sketchers running shoes.

Although, it was drizzling earlier that only a few joined the race, we quite had fun and finishing the race in 1.15hours taking the 10km road run, I could only be happier and prouder.

Running in proper attire could only make the ordeal less cumbersome but I wish to buy a new pair of running shoes to replace my battered sketchers. For now, I can only savor the fun and accomplishment.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

YES! Names 100 Most Beautiful

In the recent national news, a national magazine, YES!, names the 2011 Most Beautiful People and what tops the list is my personal favorite, John Lloyd Cruz, as 2011 Most Beautiful. Other names that make it through the years since its YES! launched the list in 2007 include Angelica Panganiban, Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, Iza Calzado, KC Concepcion (2008 Most Beautiful)
Kim Chiu (2010 Most Beautiful), Marian Rivera (2009 Most Beautiful), Piolo Pascual, and Sam Milby.

While we laud for these beautiful celebrities, most public simply do their ways to be beautiful and remain beautiful. In fact, when celebrities are asked of their beauty secrets, they only have one common answer: healthy living.

So, with healthy living, diet and exercise with beauty aids and supplements like argan oil among others, we too can be beautiful in our very own way.

This year's 2011 Most Beautiful people can quite inspire their fans and followers. And, with healthy living, we can practically conquer and do anything we wish for and that includes BEING BEAUTIFUL for life.

What Color Is Your Name?

Your Name is Orange

Your name tells people that your are flamboyant and vibrant. The amount of energy that you have is simply amazing.

You are enthusiastic about everything that comes your way. You love having new experiences and trying new things.

People see you as bold and even a little wild. You can be an overwhelming force.

You tend to get noticed a lot, and to be honest, you feel a bit sad when people aren't paying attention to you.

Why Fake Bags Proliferate

fake bags on sale
photo source:

Philippines was recently marked as one of the countries for fake sales. In fact, Louis Vuitton and Coach are the commonly counterfeited. Thus, in response to this global report, the Manila authorities had swiped off their commercial establishments against counterfeits, however, the actions are still lacking and vain.

But, why do the general public like fake products. Simply put, they are cheap. And, since most people are quite brand - conscious, they would rather wear a fake only for the name that goes with their shoes, bags or shades among others.

Personally, I would rather wear a no - brand apparel than sport a fake one. But, this is not the common belief of everyone, fake or not, the label matters more.

Unfortunately, the government and the designers are quite ripped off of these counterfeits, thus, only consistent and thorough implementation of counterfeit laws can these fakes be rid of for good.

Trust Only the Authentic Fashion Brands

Louis Vuitton on Sale
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Counterfeiting is a heinous crime and a global issue and it has become a legal problem of most fashion companies. And, world's most counterfeited is the renowned Louis Vuitton. In the Philippines, it is the most leading counterfeited brand.

But, buying counterfeits is a terrible waste of hard - earned money because they normally run in very low quality that in few uses, they normally are ripped off already. Thus, your hard - earned money goes to drain. Further, you risk yourself of being imprisoned for buying or selling counterfeits.

We can only trust the reliable and legitimate commercial establishments, offline or online like who offer products or services of best value. Legitimate products or services are normally of reasonable price tags but if the end - results are what we expect, every penny is simply well spent.

So, before you buy anything or acquire any service, go for customer reviews and authenticity details for worthwhile purchases.

How to Spot a Bag Fake

my personal xoxo handbags

With the prices of luxury bags like the names of Prada, Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton, it is not a surprising revelation that most of these names have their counterfeits. But as informed and vigilant buyers, we can't be ripped by any counterfeit especially if they are our precious hand bags or pouches.

Some say that only the expensive handbags are counterfeited, however, even inexpensive XOXOs are counterfeited. So, how do we actually know bag counterfeits. Here are the suggestions of the experts.

  • Bag materials. Depending on the brand, each authentic bag or purse has its distinct material or hardware. For one Dooney and Bourke bags have all brass materials instead of the silver ones.
  • Threading. Authentic bags have consistent and clean threading from the insides to the outsides. Check the color among others because of the extra - care on authentic bags, threading for one is especially attended that no imperfections should be seen. This is one of the reasons why authentic bags can be pricey.
  • Labels. Fake bags are normally misspelled like "Burberrys" instead of "Burberry - London" for Burberry handbags or Gucci is sometimes spelled Gucce or Guci.
  • Packaging. Original handbags normally go with dust bags and other specially - attended bag covers. So, if your bag goes with cheap dust bags or none at all, scrutinize the material thoroughly.
  • Authenticity Details. Some handbags like Dooney and Bourke has registration or serial numbers in their insides or Kathy von Zeeland has a small booklet. If models are known, go check these online for authenticity.

Needing More Custo Barcelona Bags

one of the Custo Barcelona canvas bags from Kreativ Boutique

Since we started with our boutique in a local mall, one of the highly sold - out commodities is the Custo Barcelona bags.

Custo Barcelona fashion line was started by the brothers, Custo and David Dalmau, in mid - 1980's in Spain and from their travels, they were inspired to develop their very own fashion collections of t - shirts.

Their designs of shirts and bags have distinct style and colors that make their Custo lines stand out. Furthermore, their fashion line is known for durability and reasonable rates, that, the public simply love them. So, from the designers' hometown, Custo Barcelona is a brand that the world quite know.

So, as soon as we can, we shall purchase new batch of Custo Barcelona bags to address our customers' demand. We can only hope there are new strings of designs to boot.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Easy Fashion Store Sale

Our boutique, Kreativ Boutique, has turned one (1) year old since our start last year. While we have our regular customers, we continue to lure new customers to stay with us through the time. We have our average transactions of five (5) sales in a day and it can be quite easy if they don’t come in flock otherwise, we can only attend to first – come – first – serve clients.

But, sales can still be slow when we only attend to the transactions manually. Thus, we can only wish that we have our very own Retail POS System for faster sale transaction and product inventory.

We can only endure our manual procedures but once we have our resources, we shall invest on automation and POS system shall be one of our priorities.

Bleak Boutique

The months of June, July and July are simply so bleak for most establishments. Our sales quite drop and in spite of the various marketing promotions of sale, discounts, freebies, and more marketing noise, we can only complain of our slack sales.

The malls are practically swarmed by window shoppers, or lookers only and we can only think of other ways to lure them to buy. I guess, people simply don't have anything to buy and we can only hope that the last two quarters of the year can bring back the positive buying mood of everyone. That way our slack time can be well compensated.

For now, we can only pray and remain hopeful that business can be better.

How to Enjoy in Fashion Festivals And More

Philippines is a country that is simply too joyful that festivals and celebrations are part of our very culture. For most countries where traditions are also well preserved, religious festivals or not simply swarm the roads and other public places. It is no wonder that we get invitations for different occasions like wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

But, for you to enjoy any festival, you have to consider the following practical tips:

  • Dress comfortably. If you can be on slippers or flat shoes then, you can go on long walks for hours and simply capture any festive moment.
  • Bring your camera and be ready with local verse or two to enjoy the mood.
  • Taste and experience the festival’s pride, their food and drinks and costumes if you must.
  • Travel lightly, so, you don’t have to worry on your baggage among others.

Flip Flops Fashion

Havaianas printed flip flops

Undeniably, flip flops have taken the fashion industry. Gone is the time where flip flops are limited to the confines of our very home. Nowadays, we use flip flops as an added fashion statement to our casual look.

So, brands like Havaianas and Ipanemas become household chores. We can only get the comfort and flexibility of these footwear. But, they too have their drawbacks. The thing is with quality flip flops and the style that goes with it can make any casual day and look more comfy and fashionable.

Fashion Designer Victor Alfaro

one of the Victor shoes in Kreativ Boutique

One of my favorite fashion designers is Victor Alfaro and from shoes to bags, I say this Mexican designer is really something.

His biography includes awards, Vidal Sassoon Excellence in New Design, 1993; Omni-Mexican award for Best Latin American Designer, 1994; Dallas Fashion award, 1994; Council of Fashion Designers of America New Fashion Talent award, 1994.

His fashion works tell of sexuality and independence among others and you bet you get pricey tags on his simply not - hard - to - notice works.

So, if you want style and personality in your fashion, get a Victor Alfaro to top your collections.