Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fashion Disaster First Aids

photo source: internet

Every one practically has one fashion disaster or two and it may mean losing a button, stuck - up zipper pant, or broken shoes. While we wish we can just go home and fix our emergency, sometimes, we simply have no choice but find a first aid.

So, here are practical tips just in case you case, you have your fashion disaster moment.

1. If you lose a blouse' button, find a pin to do the trick.
2. If you are too bloated from too much eating and your pants or skirt simply wont close, use a rubber band to keep the ends meet.
3. If your pants are too long, fold it using a clip or staple wire.
4. If you have stains on your white clothing, find a powder to conceal it.
6. to make your shoes' sole less slippery, add a hair spray to it.
7. if your zipper simply wont budge, use a candle on it.