Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why Fake Bags Proliferate

fake bags on sale
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Philippines was recently marked as one of the countries for fake sales. In fact, Louis Vuitton and Coach are the commonly counterfeited. Thus, in response to this global report, the Manila authorities had swiped off their commercial establishments against counterfeits, however, the actions are still lacking and vain.

But, why do the general public like fake products. Simply put, they are cheap. And, since most people are quite brand - conscious, they would rather wear a fake only for the name that goes with their shoes, bags or shades among others.

Personally, I would rather wear a no - brand apparel than sport a fake one. But, this is not the common belief of everyone, fake or not, the label matters more.

Unfortunately, the government and the designers are quite ripped off of these counterfeits, thus, only consistent and thorough implementation of counterfeit laws can these fakes be rid of for good.