Friday, September 16, 2011

Poise in Accidents

My pop and I had a very recent vehicular incident as we took the national highway heading to work and as we approached the intersection, we were suddenly caught off - guard as another vehicle tried to cut our road. So, to avoid collision, my father just hit the break making us fall from the motor bike. I had to endure some sore legs while my pop was ok and scratches for the bike.

There are simply so many vehicular incidents that we hear everyday ranging from minor injuries to severe and fatal ones. It is then very crucial that passengers and drivers wear protective gears and / or have their seat belts strapped for lesser damages.

Somehow, the emergency team like air ambulance service and other responsible watchers can help the victims save their lives and from more serious physical injuries.

That last vehicular mishap was quite traumatic that I had to prefer public commute than riding with my father again. I could only hope that the local government shall be responsive about my complaints against that irresponsible driver who almost hit us.