Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fashion at Airport

As I type, I am waiting to board for a domestic flight from a few days stay in Manila and now heading home.

And since my husband and kid had an earlier flight than me, I have to wait for a couple of hours until I finally be on air. But, what is nice about staying at the airport's waiting area is the fact that i get to see various types of people. Different foreigners are around with distinct clothing to boot. Further, I get to surf online for free and to have a comfortable seat and convenient access to the airport's amenities. So, rule of thumb in traveling is to check out the airport among others if they have services for waiting passengers.

The NAIA 3 domestic airport has a clean restroom and I bet they have a cool maintenance service provider including water softeners among others.

In a short while, I shall be back to seeing my friends and the rest of my loved ones plus I can get back to running too.