Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Needing Running Gear

From the last run I have joined where I used my tight leggings and a semi – high top, I seemed to have grown big with all the toned muscles on my extremities although my abdomen still has the post – birth syndrome.

Now, that I have pending fun runs in the coming two weeks, I am rethinking of what I should wear when I have only very limited options.

I hope however that I can already purchase the sports MP3 I have been longing since my iPod is quite beaten from the weekly runs and regular fun runs twice a month.

With the regular exercise I take, I have become quite conscious of my diet that I take fresh and vegetable salads more often. There are however days that I clamor for more carbohydrates and sweets that I wish I can take one of best appetite suppressants. And, while I still claim that I am big, my friends and family insist the irony.

I hope my travels would give me good finds for my running and they can be quite timely for my upcoming big – event marathon.