Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wanted: Fancy Quality Runner's Hydration Belt Pack

Helium hydration pack from
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My runner's apparel and accessories are almost complete and that includes having dry - fit tops, running shorts, new pair of running sneakers, Sony sports MP3, and visor. However, my wish list is not complete without the presence of digital watch that covers my distance, pacing, heart beat and burned calories and more importantly, my hydration pack that can last a couple of kilometer runs.

My sister was generous enough to shell out a fund for a new hydration utility belt pack. I hope before we can go home to General Santos City, I can buy a new hydration utility kit at reasonable rates.

Staying fit is never easy; I have to run at least 5km every other day and join fun runs to stay healthy and to lose weight. It is no wonder that people would prefer other weight - loss alternatives including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for faster results.

So, tomorrow shall be scouting day for my cool hydration pack and I want it fashionable, feminine and reliable.