Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Singer - Actress Pop Fernandez Designs Wedding Gowns

I was in one of my supermarket buys when I spotted a national magazine featuring the Philippines' Concert Queen - Actress, Pops Fernandez, on her new craft, designing wedding gowns. And, I could only be curious with her works that I had to search through the net for her own fashion wedding gowns collections. I spotted one from Youtube.

So, if you are planning to get married and want to check what is hot in the market, include in your list some elegant wedding gowns from local and celebrity designers, book your honeymoon and / or st lucia weddings in a secluded island, and to make your wedding preparations hassle - free, hire a wedding event planner to make you worry - free.

Weddings are beautiful occasions, so, we could only be happier to see wedding - oriented works and the Filipina artist Pops Fernandez on wedding gowns is simply a delight to see.

Collecting Running Singlets

with Gensan City Police Officer Riza Carisma

Running has become a passion for me that I have joined road and trail runs of longer progressive distances with faster hardcore runners.

But, what I even love are the singlets I get from all the runs. In the most recent run, the green singlet was from the city police fun run and since there is another run with a nice singlet, I could only hope to have one.

Singlet for GSCPO Lirun - Lirun Fun Run on December 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 - Leg Running Shoes

Just after the first semester was over, I ran in three successive 10 - km runs starting from a frequently - supported General Santos City Police Office for another cause. Then, just after catching my breath, we traveled for 3 hours to Davao City to join the national marathon. Good thing, my partner joined me to attend to my leg requirements including some protective bandages around my ankle. But, the runs did not end in Davao City. The run leg commenced 1500 feet above sea level when we had a trail run to one of the highest mountains in our place.

Completing the 3 - leg runs sure made my heart happier but my feet sore. Good thing, my shoes and legs did not break in.