Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fashion for New Year's Celebration

polka dots for prosperity

photo source: shoppersbase.com

In the coming days, the old 2011 shall be replaced by 2012 and everyone can only hope that the new year shall bring in better year of productivity.

We have different traditions and culture for celebrating new year; for the Chinese, they use fireworks to chase away the bad spirits of the old year. And for us, Filipinos we simply adopted the tradition of merriment during New Year's eve through fireworks, parties, reunions and goodies.

But, fashion cannot be compromised during new year's celebration. For good luck, you can wear your lucky gems and polka dots or red clothing for good luck. While these may not be proven to be effective, we may follow the old tradition for fun or luck.

And, to drive the bad karma, we can replace our unused or beaten stuffs with new purchases including foam mattress for prosperity.

So, I pray that 2011 had been good to you and 2012 shall bring you more blessings. Happy new year, everyone!

My Merrel Shoes Wishlist

my wish list: Merrel Barefoot Vibram

Running has become my obsession and I wish to run as far as 21k and go for a full marathon of 42km.

But, since I have a foot injuring and I have a medium - arch foot, I need a special type of shoes. My latest addition was a Merrel trek shoes which I shall be needing for a triathlon race come April.

So, for my sole running, a Merrel Barefoot Vibram shall be my ultimate wish.

Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve in the Philippines, and while the city was sleeping, I had to drag my partner and others from their bed and hit the road for a trail run. This time we conquered a 16KM distance from DOLE Philippines to its Kalsangi Clubhoues, a couple of hundred feet elevated from the town proper.

And, since we normally give gifts during Christmas Day, we can only be quite pressured to think of gift options for our loved ones.

So, for your last minute shopping, you can buy or make the following:

  • bags on sale;
  • goodies like chocolate strawberries or homemade foodies;
  • fashion handcrafts;
  • jewelry;
  • apparel on sale;
  • gift checks;
  • cash;
  • or personal service coupons.

Signature Bags on Sale


Nine West

Custo Barcelona



As part of our storewide sales, we placed all our bags including signature and brand new bags from Nine West, Gal, Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Rolfs, Pink, Custo Barcelona, Kathy von Zealand among others.

So, if you want authentic bags at reasonable rates, give us a buzz!

Kreativ Boutique Now on Christmas Sales

To show and to give our appreciation to our valued customers, we are now offering a storewide sale from 5% to 50% on our great collections including signature and brand new watches, bags, shoes, accessories, perfumes, apparel from the names of Victoria Secret's, Gucci, Forever21, Nine West, Relativity, Fossil, Michael Kors, Slap, Lyons, Rolfs, GAL among others.

And, if you are tight in budget, we also offer various options from HongKong and Thailand apparel and accessories.

We can only wish that our store, Kreativ Boutique, shall have its own POS system to make the sale and inventory transactions much faster.

To date, we can only manually record all the transactions and hope that we don't miss anything.

But, we wish that this holiday season and our storewide sale shall bring more new customers and retain our loyal customers now and always.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Takbo GenSan Series: My Winning Running Apparel

at the START line ready for the gun shot

The Takbo Gensan Series is a community program created and managed by the program department of General Santos City Police Office. They hold fun runs every two weeks and if there are other local or national runs schedules, oftentimes, they are taken in as partner.

And, with all the runnings I have been making in a competitive race or otherwise, I could no longer count the kilometers I traversed or the race bibs I earned.

completing midway distance with PO2 Riza as my running mate

So, last December 17, the last Takbo Gensan Series fun run was held. A fellow GenSan Run Club joined me in completing 10km distance. I was on NIKE dryfit top, Accel running pants, Reebok running shoes and with my TIMEX triathlon watch to record my calories, pace, steps and distance.

with the running team along with PNP trainees

However, I ran faster than my usual pace, thus, I had to slow down with my pacing to relax my legs. It was a hard lesson for me.

But, the long and dragging run was all worth it when I earned 2nd place in the 10KM - female category.

In running, a must - learn lesson that we have to know shall be to run comfortably with the perfect outfit, a good physical condition and to run the usual pace for an injury - free run.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fashion Gift Ideas and Tips

In a few days, the entire world shall be celebrating Christmas and New Year and while only the Christians celebrate Christmas, the rest of the sects are all excited to face the new year with enthusiasm, hope and vigor.

But, holiday season can be quite stressful too. For one, we have to attend to preparing reunions for arriving friends and / or family. Also, we are quite pressured from choosing and buying gifts for our loved ones and friends.

If we are not tight with budget, we simply have a couple of gift ideas that we can find from local or online stores. But, in most cases, we are simply restricted with financial constraints.

So, to make your holiday preparation and celebration stress - free, find stores and gift ideas that are within your budget. You can consider too promo deals like 2012 pacsun coupons for more worth of your money.

You can buy shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry or apparel on sale and all you have to do is find the right stores to rake.

More Trail Runs for the Beauty

with the GENSAN RUN CLUB runners and our new female recruits, Ms Riza of GSC Police and Ms Chona of Philhealth

cruising through the Region 12 Police Center road

It has been a couple of trail runs when I was the only lady runner but after posting a couple of pictures of our different trail runs with the fast and furious runners of Gensan Run Club, I was able to invite two other girls to join me.

So, the other trail run was from the Bawing Highway to and from Region 12 Police Center. The run was however 8 kilometers unlike our usual distance of 10 kilometers and more.

More runs for us and any lady runner is quite welcomed to join us!

Fashionable Teachers on Christmas Party

with the Friday Group at our Christmas Party

Last night was fun when a group of wacky teachers from a local school in General Santos City, Philippines decided to hold their Christmas Party. We were of course at our most comfortable outfit and that includes me wearing a boyfriend's long polo, gladiator shoes and sling bag.

But, the fun was super cool when we had to hang out in one of the city's newest coffee house where furniture were elegant just like when you have aspen furniture to boot.

After the gift giving and awarding, we had to move to another local favorite restaurant, then, head to the city plaza for the night market.

The evening ended with much fun and gratitude for friends and family.

Signature Watches on Sale

Kreativ Boutique of Gaisano, General Santos City is on storewide sale and that includes 20% - 30% discount on our signature and authentic watches from Michael Kors and Fossil

Michael Kors


Michael Kors

Michael Kors

So, for your gift ideas, you can consider these watches and enjoy our price slash.

Running Gear on Set and Go!

After the long trail run of over 14km from Lemlunay Resort to Tinoto Cliff and back, we shall be joining another fun this Saturday, December 17 and I wish to test my endurance my registering for the first time in the 16km distance.

While the new distance shall be quite challenging and difficult, I could only pray for stamina and endurance.

So, if you are into running and wish to join us, registration is on going until December 16 at minimal registration of php 25.00 - 75.00 depending on your race category.

Let's prepare our running shoes, dryfit clothes, water jug, sports mp3 and run for fun!