Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fashion for New Year's Celebration

polka dots for prosperity

photo source: shoppersbase.com

In the coming days, the old 2011 shall be replaced by 2012 and everyone can only hope that the new year shall bring in better year of productivity.

We have different traditions and culture for celebrating new year; for the Chinese, they use fireworks to chase away the bad spirits of the old year. And for us, Filipinos we simply adopted the tradition of merriment during New Year's eve through fireworks, parties, reunions and goodies.

But, fashion cannot be compromised during new year's celebration. For good luck, you can wear your lucky gems and polka dots or red clothing for good luck. While these may not be proven to be effective, we may follow the old tradition for fun or luck.

And, to drive the bad karma, we can replace our unused or beaten stuffs with new purchases including foam mattress for prosperity.

So, I pray that 2011 had been good to you and 2012 shall bring you more blessings. Happy new year, everyone!