Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve in the Philippines, and while the city was sleeping, I had to drag my partner and others from their bed and hit the road for a trail run. This time we conquered a 16KM distance from DOLE Philippines to its Kalsangi Clubhoues, a couple of hundred feet elevated from the town proper.

And, since we normally give gifts during Christmas Day, we can only be quite pressured to think of gift options for our loved ones.

So, for your last minute shopping, you can buy or make the following:

  • bags on sale;
  • goodies like chocolate strawberries or homemade foodies;
  • fashion handcrafts;
  • jewelry;
  • apparel on sale;
  • gift checks;
  • cash;
  • or personal service coupons.