Friday, December 23, 2011

Takbo GenSan Series: My Winning Running Apparel

at the START line ready for the gun shot

The Takbo Gensan Series is a community program created and managed by the program department of General Santos City Police Office. They hold fun runs every two weeks and if there are other local or national runs schedules, oftentimes, they are taken in as partner.

And, with all the runnings I have been making in a competitive race or otherwise, I could no longer count the kilometers I traversed or the race bibs I earned.

completing midway distance with PO2 Riza as my running mate

So, last December 17, the last Takbo Gensan Series fun run was held. A fellow GenSan Run Club joined me in completing 10km distance. I was on NIKE dryfit top, Accel running pants, Reebok running shoes and with my TIMEX triathlon watch to record my calories, pace, steps and distance.

with the running team along with PNP trainees

However, I ran faster than my usual pace, thus, I had to slow down with my pacing to relax my legs. It was a hard lesson for me.

But, the long and dragging run was all worth it when I earned 2nd place in the 10KM - female category.

In running, a must - learn lesson that we have to know shall be to run comfortably with the perfect outfit, a good physical condition and to run the usual pace for an injury - free run.