Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Have Stress - Free Party Fashion

With holidays  in the air, it is only inevitable that parties compel you to dress up and be at your best. But, with strings of parties to attend to, sometimes, joining them can be a big stress already.

So, how to have a stress -  free party fashion? Here are my practical tips:

  • Have a ready - outfit. Parties are pre - scheduled, so, you have enough time to select the best outfit for the occasion.   Either you buy this outfit off the rack or you can make out from your old clothes and simply mix and match appropriately;
  • Wear appropriate bag for fit - all - the - basics. If your  basics would only include a cellphone, strips of cards, a little cash, and powder and lipstick, then, a smaller bag shall do the trick;
  • Wear comfy shoes. Depending on the party theme, search for an appropriate set of footwear. You don't want to endure a couple of hours on wrong shoes.
  • Wear appropriate make up. If you can wear the right make up, then, you save the parlor trip otherwise let your friend or a professional do the thing.
  • Organize the party well if you are the event host. What can be more worse than being the host as you attend to food, program, invitations and round labels, drinks and music among others. Having ample time before the big day can help you straighten up what must be needed. You can make a to - do list to make sure that you get all the stuffs done on time.
  • Simply have fun.  At the party, simply enjoy the moments with friends and leave your work or home stuffs behind. Worry no more of your looks. Remember that you have prepared for the event and it only deserves your full time and attention, so, just have fun.

Airsoft Apparel for Dummy

Airsoft is close to the real thing of combat or urban war as guns and other military paraphernalia and apparel are must - haves if you want to enjoy a fast and overwhelming  adrenaline - rush recreation.

The principle and techniques of airsoft are similar to the real except of course the real ammunition, we use bb's but can be somehow dangerous if you are not well dressed up.

the Airsofters from Airsoft GenSan
So, what comprise  a basic airsoft apparel? Let me cite the following:

  • military helmet (for better head protection) or a military hat;
  • full facial mask to cover including your ears;
  • tactical shemagh to cover around your neck or around your head for camouflage and added protection too;
  • full battle dress uniform depending on your military simulation scenario. If you shall be into jungle game, then, it is only smarter to wear woodland uniform among others for camouflage;
  • protection pads for elbows and knees;
  • tactical hand gloves;
  • tactical shoes or combat shoes;
  • vest;
  • airsoft rifle(s)  
Airsofters in Action

with my colleague

When you play, consider always your security as bb's can quite hit you badly especially in close - range attack. So, be smart in playing and make sure you won't get  killed (figuratively!). Have fun!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cool Fashion Holiday Gift Ideas

In just a few days, Christmas holiday is around the corner and the pressure is only high as we need to wrap something for our loved ones.

Rolfs' hand bag

Pink Canvas Bag

Asian bracelets

Pitbull cap

If you prefer fashion stuffs, here are my suggestions:

  1. cool and bright tops from the brands of Victoria's Secrets, Izod, Aeropostale, and other brands your loved ones would  love;
  2. fancy  fashion accessories like sets of bracelets, rings, necklaces or anklets. If you are budget tied, you can always make the handcrafts yourself;
  3. loud - color and well - decorated fashion inspired gadgets including cellphones, tablets or music equipment;
  4. bright colored dress and frocks to rock any holiday party;
  5. fancy holiday - inspired shoes and other flats;
  6. bags from your favorite brands or your loved one's. 
With all the clearance sales from stores, you can get the best buys for your gifts. Happy holiday shopping!

How to Spot a Fake Lacoste

My sister just had a free Lacoste bag after a known credit card had it for free on certain purchases. And, she among others is only as  excited to have this high - end bag.

But, practically how do we spot a fake from the original bag?  I have consolidated what experts say about this bag originally created in 1933 by tennis player Rene Lacoste.

The following are the criteria to assess:

  1. Materials. A Lacoste bag can be a cotton canvas, a PVC or leather - made. As for the colors, they can come in subtle color like brown, white, tan, black for PVC's made, and of bright colors for cotton canvas and leather  - made. You can check out the Lacoste official website for their latest and classic color collections. All Lacoste bags do have the distinct Lacoste crocodile logo.
  2. Logo. All bags do have green crocodile logo perfectly sewn on the bag's material. The logo shall be found at the bottom part of the logo. Depending on the material, the logo shall have the company name. 
  3. Stitching. Check out the quality of stitching if it is evenly and securely made otherwise you have a fake.
  4. Price. An authentic Lacoste bag has around $ 30 at least, so, if you have lower than this then probably you have a fake unless you get it from a legitimate Lacoste outlet or boutiques.


How to Spot a Fake Lacoste Bag


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Holidays at Malls

The Holidays are up and running as early as September in the Philippines and these are oftentimes highlighted by various Christmas songs played over the radio and when carolers do their usual night stunts house after house.

But, one won't miss how malls start the the Christmas mood with all the bright decors, around and about every nook of the shopping mall.

Depending on their holiday theme, one could only be swept off with the holiday hype and just wish that shopping can be as extravagant as the shopping malls decors and their fancy Signs in fredericksburg among others.

Hanging snow flakes at Harbor Point, Olangapo City
dry - leaf Christmas Tree @ Tree Top Adventure, Subic

ice Christmas @ Mall of Asia, Manila

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marathon Apparel 101

landing 7th place in 21km among 7000+ runners registered in Milo Marathon GenSan leg
Depending on where you intend to run officially your marathon, it is best to run in a running apparel that is comfortable through out the rest of 42km.

In a tropical  country like Philippines, my marathon apparel basics would include a comfy running shorts and socks to keep those blisters away, dry - fit tops, arm sleeves for heat, visor, sports running watch from  citizen watches  and sunglasses for hours of running.

Plus, don't forget to put on gracious amount of petroleum jelly on your feet, armpit, panty / brief lines, chest and other areas prone to blisters.

It is best to be smart when you run to make sure that your first marathon shall be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Best of luck!

Jennifer Lopez Rocked Manila

The renowned Jennifer Lopez had swept off the Filipinos their feet with an all - night dancing from her old and new songs. And, simply the crowd was overwhelmed.

The Manila concert last November 26, 2012 was one of the leg of Dance Again World Tour. Read on from news from Youtube.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun Trail Running in Lake Sebu

We have been trail running for over a year now but since I had to complete my last semester in graduate school, I had to give up my running  and miss all the fun from trail runs.

But,  after ending my final exams, I could only take every opportunity possible to relax and to take off my  mind over the pending result.

So, without any trail run practice, I had to run in the first 21km trail run around Lake Sebu that  is 800 meters above sea level with very rolling terrains. Unfortunately, water pit stops were not that abundant. Good thing though that  I have my own water bottle to hoard enough supply until the next pit stop.
But, the run was worth it as the scenic view of the lakes,  the foggy mountains, and the welcoming locals playing  native musical instrument  compensate for the lapses. 

We sure had fun, so, come 2013, a full marathon shall be set and with better logistics. See you all.

How to Spot A Victoria's Secret Perfume Mist Fake

Victoria's Secret from Kreativ Boutique; photo credits: Arnele Joshua Lim

Victoria's  Secret perfumes are simply one of the many perfumes being counterfeited and with their pricey tags, one can be quite disappointed if he / she falls for the fake purchases.

So, how do we spot a fake? Go check these obvious differences:

  1. Check the labels for bad spellings or grammars;
  2. Check the packaging. Visiting Victoria's Secret  official website can give you an idea for old and latest packaging.
  3. Fake scents may last only from few minutes to an hour or two while original scent stay even if wash off with running water.
  4. color can be  pale for fake ones;
  5. fake perfumes may be priced much cheaper than commercial rates;
 So, to get the most out of your money, buy only from legitimate stores. Happy shopping!


Creating Your Own Fashion Accessories

Creating fashion accessories can be quite easy. With the right fashion accessory tools like long - nose pliers, stoppers,  elastic bands, metal bands and colorful natural beads, you can practically, create any fashion accessories from earrings, necklaces to bracelets and anklets.

elegant bracelet

colorful beach earrings

tribal necklaces

There is no finite limit to designing fashion accessories, with your creativity and rich collection of materials, you can string just about any design.

Simply, visit your local stores for some fashion accessory tools and organizers, and if you like help, a beadwork book can be just fine. 

New Holiday Arrivals @ Kreativ Boutique

cool sunglasses and more with us

Victoria Secret's perfume set and bag

Authentic Tommy Hilfiger sling bag
The wait is over as the new arrival for the holiday season in Kreativ Boutique is finally done as fresh collection of bags, sun glasses, apparels, perfumes and more is now on display. Plus, get to enjoy the storewide discounts including on our new arrivals.

So, visit us now. Simply find us on Facebook for your orders or queries.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Sale @ Kreativ Boutique

Great news! Enjoy our holiday sale as  we give a storewide discount on all items to include   apparel, bags, perfumes, accessories, shoes and a lot more.

So, if you are in search of best gifts for your loved, go check out our collection that may include authentic brands of Nine West, Fossil, Steve Madden, Aeropostale among others.

With great stuffs on display rack secured with  manual clamping systems, you bet you get best buys for your hard earned money.
So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at Gaisano Mall, General Santos City or look for us on Facebook.

Airsoft Apparel 101

Airsoft Apparel 101 One of the adrenaline – rush recreations is airsoft, while this game can be much safer than the real steel, it can be quite a toil if being hit with bb’s at tremendous speed.

The AirSoft Group - GenSan Chapter; photo credits: Marthin Millado

 So, for your own protection and for maximized fun, make sure that your safety is your utmost priority. What then comprises basic airsoft apparel requirements:
  • Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG) 
  • Gloves 
  • Long battle pants 
  • Long battle tops 
  • Mask 
  • Helmet 
  • Combat shoes
  • vest 
If you like the adrenaline - rush from combat simulation, go try airsoft and  it shall be worth your time and resources.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soccer and Running Apparel, Anyone?

We finally decided to load our second branch of  Kreativ Boutique some soccer and running apparel. Not only that my family and I are into running and soccer, we get to network with fellow sports enthusiasts, so, selling stuffs for the hobbies we personally love can be quite fun.

Others may not share the same fun as we do for outdoor sports but I quite know that other individuals spend their time collection stuffs including antiques and  1890 silver dollar   to name a few.

Regardless  of the hobby we all pursue, I guess the bottom line is that we have all fun while doing it.

So, if you or your families are in need of dry – fit running and soccer games, buzz us!

Witch Costume for Us

In a few hours, we will be holding the first Halloween Fun Run in a local cemetery to include 1.6 kilometers, 3 kilometers and 5 kilometers.

To make the run extra fun, there are hurdles from the fairy, witch, zombie before the runners can reach the finish line.

While this is no – extra ordinary race, organizers and runners are to wear their best Halloween attire. I have to be in witch costume stationed at kilometer 3.

I hope we will have  fun and the rest of the runners shall share that same feeling. Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chic Photo Shoot

my sister in - law 
With computer technology, anything can be done. And, for one photos and videos can be modified to the artist's own liking.

Celebrities and alike get to enjoy the perks of  computer technology as human flaws can be eliminated or hidden.

Good thing though that one can find online practically anything; for instance,  you can  tutorials on cooking, swimming, programming, or simply  find outdoor wall plaques  to perk up your home.

It was awhile since my last  photo shoot on the pristine sands of Sta Cruz Island, Zamboanga City, I shall soon find time to be in the limelight of the cameras again.

Elegant Fashion @ Kreativ Boutique

Kreativ Boutique is quite happy to launch these sets of photos showing off our collection of Hollywood dresses, high - end  bags, shoes and accessories.

Taken at Mt Sabrina's resto, we simply had fun ad thrill from the photo shoot with model Roxanne Pasamanero and our photographers, Arnel and Richard.

So, for your fashion needs, buzz us.

Dress: Cassandra Stone
Accessories: Erica Lyons/Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Nina
Bag: La Regale
Model: Roxanne Pasamanero
Photographer: Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim
MUA/Hair Stylist: Andy of Kreativ Family Salon

Dress: R & M Richards
Accessories: Erica Lyons/Forever 21/ New York Style
Shoes: Nina
Bag: Relativity
Model: Roxanne Pasamanero
Photographer: Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim
MUA/Hair Stylist: Andy of Kreativ Family Salon
— with King Limpong Talento

Dress: Calvin Klein
Accessories: Erica Lyons/Jessica Simpson
Bag: Relativity
Model: Roxanne Pasamanero
Photographer: Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim
MUA/Hair Stylist: Andy of Kreativ Family Salon

Zumba Fashion and Fitness

in the 1st Duo Aerobic/Zumba Marathon in Koronadal Ciy; photo source: Gelyn - Facebook
Zumba has become a craze in this part of Mindanao and from a typical aerobic exercise, this Latin - inspired Zumba dance grooves have definitely captured most health - conscious buffs since it is low - impact, easy to follow and holistic in toning all the muscle groups.

For one, I used it as a cross training to running and to work on my upper extremities. But, apart from the sexy dance moves, one could not miss the loud and fancy colors of zumba dancers and enthusiasts.

Good thing that there are online stores for some zumba lessons and  music - related paraphernalia for some recreational activities to cut that extra weight and to be healthier.

Here's a video clip from Youtube for a glimpse of Zumba.

Kreativ Boutique's New Logo

works by: Rabbi Turco
Finally, we  have our official logo for Kreativ Boutique and I could only be prouder that my own student had designed the logo. It is simple but pleasing to see though.

So, now I can have it on our stuffs and marketing promotions. What can you say?
Works by Rabbi Turco

Ms Paraguay of GenSan Seeks Help

 When one would travel around the skirts of General Santos City, you would never miss one tall gay well made up that ramped well through the roads in spite of the scourging heat.

One would say, he is crazy while others could only be amazed with the confidence and style this guy emitted. He is known as Paraguay  and he was again criticized when he had to speak as endorser for a city festival.

Here's one video clip from Youtube just to show how bubbly he can be.

Regardless whether he influenced us positively or otherwise, we were startled once more when he heard the news that he has cancer of stage 4 and needs help.

He is currently confined at General Santos City's District Hospital, quite sick, could hardly talk and in solitude with only  medical computer carts  and UV's on him.

While GenSan can be known for world champ Manny Pacquiao, Ms Universe runner - up Shamcey Supsup or the actors and actresses hailed from here, we have Paraguay to include in the list. So, if you like to help, it shall be highly appreciated.

Comfort and Style @ Road House Hotel

In spite of the busy schedule, I simply had to see  my bloggers' family in an invitation of Manny Pacquiao's Road House Hotel at the heart of General Santos City.

Road House
The structure is quite unique as it resembles a typical motel but with the elegance of a high - end hotel. I had to get awed with the spacious rooms they have more than the usual for a typical hotel.

with SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers and their host, Ms June of Road House

With rooms price ranging between PHP 2000.00 - 4000.00 to cater to single, couple or group occupancy, the rooms are simply equipped with basic hotel amenities including free breakfast and the perks of Manny Pacquiao's memorabilias.

superior room
More importantly, they have a function room to house conventions or forums for company or institutional needs and then there's Kee's Cafe that offers national standards for pastries, meals and quality coffee. And, now that they have a national acclaimed chef on the house, you bet you would love the California maki, tuna specialty and more.

So, check them out and experience the fun. Oops! Did I mention that I love their unique blend of fruit shakes?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

GRC Halloween Fun Run 2012

promotional poster: Facebook GRC group
Once again, GenSan Run Club, a non - profit organization in General Santos City that is composed of running enthusiasts, shall be holding another fun again since their first fun run - the Dagan Sa Kalilangan 2012. And this time, it would be more fun as nightmare will invade the local cemetery with zombies on the loose and runners to evade them. So, join us on October 31, as we hold our 1st Halloween Fun Run with 3 race categories including 1.6km, 3km and 5km. Cash prizes and medals and trophies for sports await the most courageous and best - dressed runners. Have fun with us then and get the scare of your running time. More updates will be posted in their Facebook page and official website, GenSan Run Club.

Bench Universe 2012

The Bench personalities simply sizzle as they ramped their way on stage with nothing but their skimpy underwear. But, what makes the show more classic and elegant is the fact that they had made the entire show world - class. View them on this video clip from Youtube.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GenSan Lady Runners Rock n Roll!

these ladies are fast

In the recently concluded Tuna Festival Run, I joined my team but only in the 10km race category to  heal my blisters from the last 21km run.

I ranked 4th in the women's category while the rest of my lady running mates belonged to the top 10 in the 21km division.

Running for hours can be quite draining and can be boring and dragging. Good thing that I have my music player to make the run less boring. But, it can be quite a toil especially if I need to pour cold water on my head or have to run  under the rain since it is not waterproof compared to the last lost SONY MP3 that I have.

I hope I can finally have the resources to buy a good waterproof sports music player and that I can have my kid resume with his violin lessons after we could repair his violin for some strings.

Good thing  there are online stores offering music equipment for some easy shopping.

Well - Coveted Running Shoes for 2012

# 1 Nike's Women Air Max+ ; Reference:
My second New Balance Stability Shoes are finally wearing out after a good number of long runs of every week over a span of  6 months.

So, I wish I can buy again a new pair of running shoes that shall offer the convenience, quality and comfort of midfoot running.

What then are the top running shoes this 2012?

The list is as follows:


1. .Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 T241N Men's $ 140

2.  Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 12 $ 110
3. Saucony Men's Kinvara 3 $100 


1. Nike's Women Air Max+ $ 170
2. Adidas' Adistar Ride 4W $145
3. New Balance NB Minimus MRoo $109

from Runner's World:

1.  Best Update: Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 14 $140
2.  Brooks Vapor 10 $90
3.  Asics GT 2170 $110
4.  Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7 $130
5. Brooks Ravenna 3 $100
6. Mizuno Wave Nexus 6 $95
7.  Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 $140
8. Brooks Defyance 5 $110
9. Karhu Forward 3 Fulcrum Ride $130
10. Asics Gel-Cumulus 14 $110

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GenSan Mountan Trail Bike Fashion and More

photo source:

In my desire to improve my running endurance and to go for triathlon, I join my partner and the group of trail bikers to go off road and do fun trail biking. 

But, there shall be a biking competition this weekend and I could only show my anxiety and hesitation as I am only a newbie trail biker. 

I could only pray that I won't stumble or bump into another biker and pray that in spite of my possible tailing spot, I could finish the race from start to end.

So, I am planning to put on my compression suit,  sunglasses, mask, MP3 and arm sleeves and some first aid and hydration kit.

I  am pretty sure that there shall be a good number of attendees who would indeed compete or simply join it for fun. I'm quite sure these attendees would bring their own stress - relievers to include from   cigar retailers  among others.

I hope I can overcome my fear of downhill and traffic. I can only cross my fingers. 

Mr and Ms GenSan 2012 Crowned

Best in Festival Costume
photo credits: Orman Manansala 

the awardees
photo credits: Cids Bascon

Mary Elizabeth Eastes and Nasser Dyle Malaguiok  beat out other beauty aspirants as they stand out for their wits and personality as they were crowned as Ms and Mr Gensan 2012.

The 11th Ms and Mr Gensan posed the usual gallantry and elegance and while all these are typical attributes of the pageant, it continues to bring us into a different level of awe as this batch of aspirants was full of fun and tale.

So, congratulations to all winners and organizers.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trail Biking Fashion

trail biking with GenSan bikers
As part of my cross training in running, I decided to bring my biking skills to the next level as I join trail biking in the mountain trails of SOCCSKSARGEN.

Since the biking would take for hours crossing creeks, rocky turfs, and hot weather, it could only be smart to wear the protective gear - helmet, hand globes, pads, mask, sunglasses and comfy apparel.

It is a relief though that we can  bring the trail bikes into the house and with earth - theme - inspired        basement carpet  to hide the dirt.

Trail running brings extra thrill and so does trail biking. So, make your trail biking fun and safe.

Star Magic Ball 2012

Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay wearing Francis Libiran

September 1, 2012 evening was a night of the beauty as Star Magic talents fill the red carpets with their gorgeous fits celebrating 20 years of Philippine entertainment.

A party program highlighted the night but the evening did not commence until the awarding the talents was realized. 

The winners are the following:

1) Transformer Award - Direk Jojo Saguin
2) It's More Fun with Star Magic Award - Abby Niesta
3) Hot Momma Award - Carmina Villaroel
4) Hot Papa Award - Gerald Anderson
5) Breakout Style Award - Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo
6) O+ Star of the Night Award - Enchong Dee and Maja Salvador
7) Moet and Chandon Fab Pair - Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon
8) MMS Box Office Star - Malou Santos
9) SMB (Super Mom and Bosing) - Tita Cory Vidanes
10) Jaw-Dropping Stunner Award - Bea Alonzo
11) Stand Out Star Award - Coco Martin
12) Prince and Princess of the Night (teen stars) - Julia Barretto and Julian Estrada
13) Sweetheart of the Night Award - Julia Montes
14) Couple of the Night - Kim Chiu and Xian Lim
15) Star Magic Icons Award - Angelica Panganiban and Diether Ocampo

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fashion on Biking

Off - road trail mountain biking 
To de - stress from work, graduate school and store, I decided to drag my mountain bike along with my partner to a group of mountain trail bikers in General Santos City.

We traversed more than 37KM of road and mountain biking between 7am - 11am in the middle of scourging heat.

Good thing though that  I wore my long legging pants, biker's shirt, arm sleeves,  hat, sunglasses, sports music player, and mask to protect me from external elements.

Any recreational or competitive sports can be elegant or stylish with fancy apparel but what can better than wearing security with this fashion choices like mesh motorcycle jacket  to name a few.

I can only hope that next weekend can be a fun biking again. I just hope that my graduate school project and exam can be realized successfully before Sunday biking comes.

Fashion and Talent - Random Girl Zendee Rose

Zendee Rose is the newest internet sensation and why do  we commend her, for one she is our school's own alumna and second, she is totally a great singer.

She would normally win the grand prize from General Santos City's singing contests and even bagged the grand prize for STI Regional Band Competition.

Now that she is a talent of GMA, we hope that she could finally realize her life - long talent and groove more with her fancy and punky fashion taste and great talent.

The Beautiful Eun Joo Park

Eun Joo Park performing @ SM Mall - Gensan City
We happened to see Korean electronic violinist Eun Joo Park at SM Gensan and what else can I say about this beautiful and sexy  lady - TOTAL TALENT !

She did pretty well performing the classic pieces of the greatest music icons but what captivated us was her own rendition of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) Anak, Ikaw and Paano. Then there was this pinoy folk song.

Gosh! This lady can sure capture her audience with her music and bubbly moves. Watch this Youtube video of one of her Philippines local performances.

What can be more exciting than to see her on our big TV screen with  tv stands with mount   to relax and commend her works.

If only I can look for her album and have a personal collection of her music then this beautiful lady is one talent to applaud for.

Straw Bags Are In

photo source:
In a local news, I happened to see how a local of General Santos City had done well through designing and making of straw bags, giveaways, hampers and more.

And, what is extra special about this craft is the fact that the materials are so unique and to make a livelihood about it could be more appreciated.

So, if you too are in search for home livelihood, try this new venture.

To make a straw bag, you can read on this article from eHow.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Player Finally!

When my one - month - old SONY Waterproof MP3 was lost while running, I was able to replace it with a cheap Sports MP3 to accompany me during my runs or biking.

It was however unfortunate  that it got busted too after two (2) months of use that I had to send it to the supplier for warranty services only to be told that my charger is quite loose. Now, that is finally back, I can enjoy my solitary exercise with some fun music.

I wish my own kid can go back to his violin lessons, so, he too can enjoy a passion for music or perhaps he may try piano lessons   instead if interests him better.

While experts divide in their contention that music can indeed boost EQ, I just wish that my kid and I can sustain our individual recreation to relieve stress and to enforce family ties.

Trail Cycling Fashion and More

with other cycling enthusiasts
We have our own trail bikes now and I have the excuse not to run especially if I have late night works. So, whenever we can, my husband and I along with our kid do trail biking.

So, we somehow manage to have our comfy cycling apparel to include an air - cool  top, compression tights, cyclist's shoes, mask, sunglasses and hand gloves to name a few.

And with this new cross - training  activity, we can only hope to build our leg power and have the the endurance to eventually do a triathlon.

I hope this week, we can hit the road and do our long - bike distance.

Kreativ Beauty Salon Now Open!

Our Services
Salon's Facade

We have finally have our second business venture and this time, our boutique with family salon. This is an unexplored business opportunity and in fact, we are quite anxious as to how to operate it without any formal background on parlor operations.

Indeed, starting any business is a challenge, thus, it is important that due planning is done and the business opportunity is truly feasible.

There are indeed a lot of investment opportunities that include silver dollars to name a few.

So, come and visit us and avail of our opening discounts!