Monday, February 20, 2012

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Valentine Gift: Cool Tins

Valentine's Day can be everyday as we celebrate it with friends and family and we can affirm more our affection for them through any Valentine's Day gift ideas.

So, your gifts need not to be expensive and orthodox. You can try the following gift ideas:

  1. Self - decorated and designed flowers from your own backyard or neighborhood;
  2. Baked goodies from your not - so - chef skills;
  3. Customized home decors including Kitchen gifts to boot;
  4. Hand - drawn Valentine's Day cards;
  5. Video blog of your singing or dancing;
Be creative with your gift thoughts and remember that you don't have to spend much to show your love in this Love Month.

Cheap Make - up for Prom!

In my other post, I gave tips on how to select the right dress for prom day and what better complement could there be other than a nice pair of shoes, elegant bag and a cool make - up to boot.

So, here's a video tutorial from Youtube on how to have a cheap make up for prom.

Running on Oversized Singlet

running with my fellow Peace Torch and Baton Relay runners

During the course of Dagan sa Kalilangan promotion, I haphazardly switched my super small singlet to a large - size one that when were asked to sport our DKS singlets earlier on the Peace Torch and Baton Relay, I had to be on my oversized singlet showing off my chest. So, to remedy it, I had to wear another dry - top to cover the skin.

I just hope that before the big day on February 26, I can get my old singlet back.

Missing My Sports MP3

my lost Sony's latest waterproof MP3

It was three (3) months that I had my last use of Sony's sports MP3 but from the last trail run with fellow local runners, I managed to lose my sports mp3 and since it was a newly - released music gadget, I could only feel bad.

Now, I could only use my iPod to join me in my running. But, I wish I can buy more music gadgets including presonus headphones to join me in my recreational times.

I hope I can find a local or online store to replace my lost Sony MP3 but is somehow cheaper and could endure my passion for running.

Dagan sa Kalilangan's Cool Finisher's Medal

Few more days and the big day of Dagan sa Kalilangan 2012 shall finally commence. And, the pride of running as far as 21km or the full marathon can only be materialized if we reach the finish line and earn the Finisher's medal.

In as much, I love to run my first official 21km and earn this beautiful Dagan sa Kalilangan finisher's medal.

So, if you haven't registered yet, please visit all GenSan Jollibee outlets, Kreativ Boutique - Gaisano Mall and GSCPO's office. You get to visit our website,, too for online registration.

Dress Tips for Prom Night

photo source:

When February is in, prom nights swarm the dates and the young ones can only be too excited to show off their beautiful, elegant dresses and tux! While my prom nights were all nil, I could only be excited to see what dresses should I love to be worn by the young ladies.

So, get a few tips from below:

photo source:

If you are short in budget, there are still still full - length gowns that are simple but still appear elegant. So, if you are all skinny, don yourself with a full - length dress that both highlights your curvy waist and your long neck.

However, if you are a little bit chubby, sporting on a short or bubble dress shall make the illusion of a "tall and slim" you!

photo source:

And, if simply, you want to be top from others, skim through what celebrities wear and learn from the worst dressers and be inspired from the best dressed. Remember though, that your choice for dress shall all depend on your skin tone, height, weight and budget.

So, have a lovely prom night everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Cheap but Great Gift Ideas

We all look forward to Valentine's Day simply because it is one of those official days that we are obliged to show off our affection and pamper our loved ones with our care and attention. While we can rake through our pocket or bank to budget a grand dinner among others, for some, budget can be quite a constraint and Valentine's Day is simply a total pressure.

But, you cannot miss out this one Love Day. You can try the following gift but inexpensive ideas:

1. If you know how to bake, bake your loved ones some goodies. If not, take this Valentine's Day as a chance to learn a new skill. Get a recipe from a book or view a tutorial or contract a friend to help you out.

2. If you or your parents have a backyard of flowering plants, cut the flowers and arrange them and deliver them yourself. And instead of a written note, you can deliver your own personal messages.

3. Serenade your loved one with a loved song. Carry a portable karaoke or hire a guitarist and pretty sure, your loved one shall be swept off with total bliss.

4. Watch an old classic romantic film and prepare your own snacks with wine or alike. A couch moment with your loved one can be as romantic as staying in a grand hotel.

5. Treat your loved one with your own service coupon. How about a free body or foot massage?

6. Do your loved ones need a thing or two? Enjoy the discounted treats from local stores including electrosurgery and you can only be highly thanked for.

Remember to treat any day a Love Day and any way you can express your love to your special someone can make any gift grand! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?

How you're unique: You're confident - and you show everyone the true you

Why your style rocks: You have the attitude to carry the most outrageous outfits off

What this color says about you: "Look at me. I know you want to!"

Dagan sa Kalilangan Cool Event Shirts

with fellow GenSan Run Club members on school campaign

To be able to attract more registrants, we attended the socio - cultural event of a local university. So, on our event shirt for Dagan sa Kalilangan, we showed our video documentary.

We hope that the presence of our race singlets shall attract other student runners too. So, join us for Dagan sa Kalilangan on February 26, 2012. For more details, you can check on

Trekking Fashion

camping with my kid

Before I fall in love with running, trekking has been my first outdoor passion. So, we began buying trek bags that could be used comfortably and to house our stuffs for a few days' climb. But, since I don't have trekking shoes, the last climb was a big challenge. So, my trekking basics now include trekking shoes from Merell and Sandugo and dry - fit pants and tops. You don't have to buy the expensive ones to get quality, you can check online or offline for trekking stores. If you are lucky, you can even find ones for your family's other passion and / or your home including some fancy oak switch plates to boost.

Remember that your trekking should be fun and comfy, so, pack light and wear comfy clothes to protect you from insect bites, thorns, heat, and / or cold.

Have a fun and safe trek!

What to Wear on Valentine's Day?

In few days, the much - loved V - day shall overwhelm everyone. And, since this Love Day is about spending it with friends and / or special loved ones, we simply want to be at our best.

So, while comfort is the main thing for our choice of wardrobe, it won't hurt us to explore a little. Just remember that your choice of clothes and accessories would depend on where you and loved one are heading. A more formal venue requires that you wear something formal and elegant. You need not rummage through your savings to buy the most expensive outfit to be lovely, pairing or mixing and matching your clothes will save your pocket.

Get some tips from my personal favorite, video fashion blogger Windy.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Tips for Musicians

I recently viewed from a national talk show one singer, Angeline Quinto, who had to experience tripping over while performing on stage. And, what can be blamed? Her long skirt but the show had to go on, so, with Angeline Quinto's abrupt response, she simply sang her song rendition beautifully. You can check the video below courtesy of Youtube.

So, what can musicians do before and during performance. Here are practical fashion tips:

1. Avoid long skirts. For the very reason that performers can trip over.

2. Choose age - appropriate fashion. You don't want to be criticized by trying too hard to blend in with the younger age. So, go for the safe fashion statement.

3. Depending on your audience, dress appropriately. If your audience is packed with elderly, then, a smart choice of conservative clothing is preferred.

4. Be cautious with almost - nudity clothing. While some may like to see you bare skin, consider the opposite side of the court and any negative comment can be quite bad to your career.

5. Coordinate with the venue for the dress code and stage equipment  for safe and positive performance.

6. Avoid high - heel stilleto shoes. They can be quite dangerous too as you perform. Go for comfortable shoes then that can somehow make your performance injury - free.

Dagan sa Kalilangan 2012 in Full Gear

With a target of 3000 runners to join in Dagan Sa Kalilangan 2012 hosted by GenSan Run Club on February 26, 2012.

The following are the registration details:

Category: 2KM (for parent and child 12 years old or below)
Fee: 400.00 (with singlets and food item for 2)
Fee: 200.00 (with food item but without singlet)

Category: 5KM(open) and 3KM (open)
Fee: 300.00 (with singlet and food item) or 200.00 (with food item but without singlet)

Category: 10KM and 21KM (open)
Fee: 500.00 (with singlet and food item)

Special Registration Fee for all elementary, high school and college students and PNP trainees: 100.00 (with food item but without singlet)

Registration fee includes a singlet, race bib, water rations, and Jollibee meals and other freebies from the race sponsors. The RACE KIT shall be redeemed only at the offsite authorized centers.
All Registrants may have the option to pay offsite through our Registration Centers at all GenSan Jollibee stores, Kreativ Boutique - Gaisano, General Santos City Police Office (GSCPO).

The online registration at GenSan Run Club official website provides acceptance of PAYPAL payment for 10KM and 21KM categories only. All 5KM runners shall strictly register at GSCPO. Other categories shall direct their payments through our authorized collecting units.

Registration Centers:
All GenSan Jollibee Outlets
Kreativ Boutique - Gaisano Mall

Make Your Running Comfy: Air - Cool Singlet Plus More

the official singlet for Dagan sa Kalilangan 2012

The GenSan Run Club shall hold their first major fun run project this February 26, 2012 in celebration of General Santos City's Kalilangan Festival.

But, what makes indeed running comfortable? We have to first and foremost consider our choices of shoes and running gear. While cotton can be your usual choice of fashion, it is quite unlikely when you run as heat overwhelms you, thus, only an air - cool singlet or running top shall be highly preferred.

I once used a long - dry fit running top to at least my darkening arm from frequent running. But, at the early start, I could only wish I could take it off from the extreme heat but when I was all soaked in sweat, the clothing material had done its wonders.

So, if you want your running to be comfortable, wear the right shoes and running dry - fit top, shorts for space and ease and / or dry - fit pants to complement your top.

And, to make sure that your running is safe, make sure you have reflectorized gadgets like the hand or body reflectors especially if you run on the road.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Accessorize Your Computers

some notebook covers to protect and accessorize your notebook
photo source:

My three - year old notebook is still working although it has been beaten and quite used up from programming and internet use among others.

But, old computers or notebooks need not to be expensive in brand to boost its beauty. You can quite dress it up. There are cheap laptop skins, fancy mouse and mouse pads including wacky flash drives and speakers.

So, your laptop or notebooks must not just be of functionality including reliable acer batteries to keep you all up and running.

Most Desirable Women in 2012

I am a Hollywood fanatic and there are simply women I admire and adore while a few of not - so - liked celebrities too.

So, this 2012, has identified their top most desired women and on #1 spot is Sofia Vergara, star of Modern family.

Check out then the link for the complete list of desirable women from stage, music, and ramp among others.