Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Tips for Musicians

I recently viewed from a national talk show one singer, Angeline Quinto, who had to experience tripping over while performing on stage. And, what can be blamed? Her long skirt but the show had to go on, so, with Angeline Quinto's abrupt response, she simply sang her song rendition beautifully. You can check the video below courtesy of Youtube.

So, what can musicians do before and during performance. Here are practical fashion tips:

1. Avoid long skirts. For the very reason that performers can trip over.

2. Choose age - appropriate fashion. You don't want to be criticized by trying too hard to blend in with the younger age. So, go for the safe fashion statement.

3. Depending on your audience, dress appropriately. If your audience is packed with elderly, then, a smart choice of conservative clothing is preferred.

4. Be cautious with almost - nudity clothing. While some may like to see you bare skin, consider the opposite side of the court and any negative comment can be quite bad to your career.

5. Coordinate with the venue for the dress code and stage equipment  for safe and positive performance.

6. Avoid high - heel stilleto shoes. They can be quite dangerous too as you perform. Go for comfortable shoes then that can somehow make your performance injury - free.