Saturday, March 3, 2012

Must - Haves in Your Bag

Dooney and Bourke from Kreativ Boutique
photo credits: Arnel Lim

I am a simply lady whose daily routines and roles include being an entrepreneur, runner, professor and a graduate school student.

And if asked, what my bag usually has, I cite the following bag must - haves:

1. oil - control paper to dab on my oily face;
2. some tissue;
3. small - sized alcohol;
4. wet facial wipes;
5. maybeline foundation - all - in - one pressed powder;
6. loose powder;
7. wallet and coin purse;
8. cellphone;
9. iPod;
10. petroleum jelly for my dry lips;
11. handy lotion;
12. lipstick;
13. pen and small notebook;
14. store coupons including kmart coupons;

Depending on your personality, your bag must - haves may vary with I have but the bottom line is fill your bag of what you need and I am sure wherever you are, your bag is your life savior.