Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Spot a Fake Longchamp Bag?

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Managing a boutique is not an easy job because of the challenge is to sell only the authentic products. And, bag is one of the highly forfeited items that clients are quite conscious with.

Unfortunately, Longchamp bags are not at all exempted from counterfeiting. You can try the following basic criteria to assess the authenticity of your Longchamp bags:

Price. Because of the detailed craftsmanship on Longchamp bags, it is not surprising that they can be pricey. So, if a Longchamp is sold at much cheaper price, be more cautious.

Material. From the Longchamp official website, check out the their collections and colors among others. A fake Les Pliage is usually shiny and thick in material with a stiff and rough leather handles. An authentic Les Pliage has a matte finish and is lightweight and crisp with a smooth and soft leather handles.

Logo. The jockey - on - the - horse logo must be embossed centered above the snap. It's outline must be pressed on the leather. This logo is similarly seen on the button and on the zipper's circle.

Model Name. A fake typically has no model name, however, you have to assess whether the model name matches the actual bag. Your bag shall have any of the following model type:
sac a dos - backpack
type L - large tote, short handles
type M - medium-large tote, short handles
type S - small tote
"shopping" - large tote, long handles; medium tote long handles
cabas - rectangular, no zipper

Serial Number. The serial number in the bag must match the covers on the new Longchamp bags. Your tag should be marked as any of "AA" (Made in France), "AE" (Made in China) or "AB" (Made in Tunisia).

These are only from the readings I have made, but, the idea is to be vigilant when buying Longchamp bags. Buy only from legitimate outlets and positively reputed seller.

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