Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trail Running Clothing Essentials

trail runners of Tampakan and General Santos City

When you choose to become a serious runner, you practically follow a training program. And normally, this includes hill runs.

If you are lucky, you can explore your area for some trails that provide opportunity for hill training.

So, when you go for a long and comfortable trail run, make sure that you have following trail run clothing essentials:

  • fast - wicking apparel for a cooler feeling;
  • arm sleeves if you wear tee top;
  • dry - fit cap;
  • running sunglasses;
  • utility belt with your water bottles and energy bars / gels or a hydra pack;
There are ways to keep these running essentials in better shape, so, go for maintenance kit that may be available commercially like how we do with our leather apparel using a leather repair kits.

Remember though that trail run can be fun but your safety may be at risk, so, remember to buzz your family if you go for a trail run. Run with your cellphone or if this is not possible, at least, run with buddies.