Sunday, April 1, 2012

What to Wear When Running?

Authored by: Anthony Karl F. Gaspar
Human Resource Manager/Runner
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Hey hardcore GRC Trail runners, since I recently “ripped” my shorts this topic is very timely -
“Should I wear Short shorts or long shorts?”

There are 3 things to consider here: Functionality, fashion and finances. When I started running I simply wore long cotton ones the kind you can buy at “3 for P100”. They reached up to my knees and had no moisture-wicking capability whatsoever. Sure I didn’t look cool, but who cares? All I wanted to do was run. Once you decide and can afford to buy real running shorts, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and lengths.

wear dry - cool running apparel for performance and convenience

Some experts give their advice:

Cebu-based Physician, Internist & PT:
“Split shorts do not limit range of motion at the hips and are therefore more appropriate when stretching, doing strides or track workouts. However, regular running shorts may be more appropriate when doing LSD runs (Long Slow Distance) or easy runs along city streets”

PT & MD in PE:
“ Wear short shorts. You’re a runner- not a basketball player of hip-hop artist”

“Split shorts are much better than long shorts because they don’t obstruct the movement of your hips and knees”

Ergo, shorter is better if you want to improve your performance and get that serious runner look. But it also means that more your legs will be exposed for everyone to see. If you’re fine with showing them off….THEN GO FOR IT!!!! Cheers!