Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Go For Barefoot Running Shoes

Along with 5 other running enthusiasts, I joined the training for barefoot running. I oftentimes endure blisters from long running and from wrong choice of socks or failing to put on petroleum jelly, but I know that midfoot strike shall make my performance better compared to my natural heel strike.

While there are no current scientific evidence to prove that heel strike may cause injuries, experts however say that heel strike shall acquire greater impact compared to midfoot or forefoot stances. While there are shoes to reduce impact still the chances of high injury
are still higher.

When kids run on bare feet, they drop on their forefoot or midfoot. Thus, it is smarter that we run on barefoot or minimalist shoes. It is shall be a challenge to change our running strikes but with training and practice, we can comfortably shift to forefoot or midfoot. However, increase only your mileage by 10% and learn to listen to your body for complaints.

I had recently purchased Merrell trail shoes but to aid me in my road runs and practices for marathon, I wish to buy this Merrell barefoot glove to help me with my strike.

Merrell Road Glove Barefoot Shoes