Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kreativ Boutique on Storewide Sale

Kreativ Boutique's facade

Our store has been operating since 2008 and we take pride from our better customer service, regular new arrivals, and low prices. We don't stop from giving our customers the best possible boutique experience. The creation of a store website is another medium to reaching out better to our potential customers.

Having a Point - Of - Sale (POS) System makes the shopping more friendly and convenient. So, we aim to equip ourselves with the right financial, marketing and management skills and perhaps, getting some skills from  Treasury Management training  on  payment transaction from can be a big boost.

So, we thank our valued customers for their continued patronage and we hope to serve more in the future.

Kreativ Boutique's Bangles

 Our fashion accessories are not complete without these fancy and chic sets of bangles from USA and Asia.  Check them out only from Kreativ Boutique

Are You Gloves or Mittens?

[url=http://www.blogthings.com/areyouglovesormittensquiz/results/?result=Gloves][b]You Are Gloves[/b][/url]


You seek control in your life. You like to feel like you have a handle on things.
You are naturally competent and responsible. You don't trust anyone but yourself.

Winter is when you try to push on and live normally. You aren't about to let cold weather slow you down.
You may not love winter, but you don't complain about it. Why complain about what you can't change?

[url=http://www.blogthings.com/areyouglovesormittensquiz/]Are You Gloves or Mittens?[/url]

[url=http://www.blogthings.com]Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything[/url]

Cool MP3 Sunglasses

My long running oftentimes leads me to cruising the road alone and to keep me entertained and focused, I managed to bring my newest MP3 although it is entirely far from the SONY Waterproof Sports MP3 that I lost months ago in the course of running.

However, running can be quite a strain if the day is warmed by extreme sun rays that I have to bring my separate visor. But, would it be a greater delight if your sports sunglasses have an embedded music player? Cool!

MP3 sunglasses from dealextreme.com

This pair of music player sunglasses shall form part of my wish list and I hope I can find one  for great keep.

Fashion Designer Oliver Tolentino Gives Hope to Payatas Women

It is a great delight to see  and hear fellow Filipinos give hope and strength to their countrymen and internationally - acclaimed fashion designer Oliver Tolentino continues to warm not just the Hollywood's heart and the red carpet fashion industry but also the Filipino fashion industry.

His latest works include the Payatas women who painstakingly weave the bags for the MaSAYA collection that stand out because of the bright colors and patterns.

RIIR Models present the newest Kantinares collection of Oliver Tolentino; photo source: http://ruizmark.com/2011/10/27/rags2riches-launches-riir-oliver-tolentino-masaya-collection/
L.A - based Oliver Tolentino has bagged several awards including the most recent the Designer of the Week for Fashion Week El Paseo in Palm Springs, California and winner of the Sustainable Eco fashion Award during the 2010 Islands of the World Fashion Week in the Bahamas.

Kreativ Boutique's Fashion Accessories

Check out the rest of the fashion accessories we have including some fancy and elegant earrings from USA and Asia only from Kreativ Boutique.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

June is a special month for most families worldwide as Father's Day is celebrated in the second or third week of Sunday.

photo source: heavenbeckons.wordpress.com

And, if you are lost with what to give to your dad or loved one, you can consider the following gift ideas:

  • fashion accessories like a new wallet, belt, tops or / pants, bracelets, rings and others;
  • service coupons like a free hair was or cut or foot massage, 
  • freshly baked special goodies;
  • personally - crafted accessories like specially - designed statement shirts or cups;
  • scrapbooks of all daddy and son /  daughter moments;
  • cards with your love - filled message;
  • surprise travel to his old hometown;
  • rendezvous with old friends;
Whatever you decide, remember that anything that would make your dad or partner feel extra special and appreciated on Father's Day shall sure warm  his heart.

What to Wear When You Run

wearing arm sleeves, short - shirt dry - fit top and pants, visor for a cool run in a warm day
The choice for a running apparel actually depends on the condition of where and when you run. In a tropical country like the Philippines, runners here oftentimes are on their running shorts, short sleeve shirt, visor, sunglasses among others to protect them from the sun. Oftentimes, runners prefer the early or evening run for a much cooler breeze.

The idea is to use only fast - wick clothing material like synthetic stuffs including polyester or acrylic to keep the moisture away from your skin. But, if the weather is quite colder, then the choice for jacket and pants is only smarter.

Check out this Running Apparel Detector from Runner's World for their advice.

Kreativ Boutique's Watch Collection

Check out the watch collection we have including the newest arrival from INVICTA, HUGO BOSS, and SLAP WATCHES in time for Father's Day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Marathon Compression Suit Wish Idea

If my  marathon training program would work, I will be running my first marathon or 42 - kilometer race come July 2012 in General Santos City. So, somehow I run three (3) times a week with an average of 45km  peaking at 56km three (3) weeks before race day.

But, from running long runs, I could only complain of possible cramps and strains on back, calf and legs that I wish I could have compression suit to help  me with running.

While July seems near and I struggle with my training, I wish to receive my first marathon trophy   and be more than proud to complete it injury - free.

For now, I just have to wait for my family's set of compression suit and I could cross my finger  if I could find the right one. 

Why You Must Wear Dry - Fit Running Apparel

all - soaked Habagat trek blouse from 26km running

running to old running mates
My recent marathon program requires me that I need to run more than 40km a week until  race day in July and while I wear sunblock SPF 50, I still feel the heat burns after hours of running and worst, my clothing are quite soaked.

So, while dry - fit apparel seems to be costly, they can be quite comfy for heavily extensive workout. The Habagat  apparel is indeed better for trekking but not for running.

Unfortunately though that I got a bruised skin  from my sports bra. It was a bad thing to forget to put on some petroleum jelly as anti - friction cream.

So, next time you head to your workout to do some running or alike, make sure that you wear dry - fit apparel for convenience and comfort.

My Personally - Loved - Magazine Run

completing  a 11 km hill run in Zamboanga City

from my most recent run

My 3 - week vacation in Zamboanga City was well spent in running and catching up with friends as I complete my store works.

But, part of running the Zamboanga City trail is the fact that I get to see the beautiful landmarks of Zamboanga City. And, my personal favorite includes the run along Fort Pilar.

It was only a waste not to be able to head to IT Ecozone because of the hard rain. But, come next year, I shall be cruising through the Sibugay Province and capture some beautiful pictures.

I just hope I can find the best picture for some Runner's Mags.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

L.E.D Fashion Accessories, Anyone?

We once sold some led - light fashion accessories and they were sold like hot cakes for their uniqueness and punky styles.

However, LED - light projects are not just limited to watches, as we see them hooked to hats, belts, bags, pens, key chains and most recently, on teeth!

One can see these  led - light accessories on teeth  in Japan but they are not however intended for commercial use but as part of a marketing - advertising strategy of a store, Laforet Harajuku, to lure buyers. The strategy indeed worked since people expressed to buy the led - light teeth accessory instead.

The LED smile is controlled wirelessly from a computer interface, and, presto! Smiles change colors! To this date, workshops are given by the LED Smile project designers, Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, to help individuals have their own LED Smile.  Isn't that cool.

If you want to build your own led - light project, check out this cool resource of   high power led  and start having your own fashion led  accessory.

My Newest New Balance Running Shoes

My new NB Running 563

I quite complained of my foot injury after I used my latest Merrell trail run shoes on every run.  So, blisters fill my foot and my ankle aches all the time.

So, to make eliminate the pain caused by wrong shoes, my partner bought me a new pair of New Balance Running 563, a stability trainers for my semi - flatfooted arch.

Using in my last 3 runs seem to make running better. I just however hope that it too would last in spite of the regular runs I make every week.

Edible Fashion Accessories

Who says broccoli is only to be served on plate? Fulvio Bonavia handcrafted the following accessories and they are all natural. All these are part of the coffee table book entitled, "Style and Taste" or in some countries, "A Matter of Taste."

These handcrafts are too tempting to be devoured but that would be a great waste, right? So, let's enjoy while we can before they wither or rummaged by the hungry!

Photo source:thatslikewhoa.com

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Accessorizing Your Toy Vehicles

The adult are no different from the kids who want toys to play only that these toys come to life. It is not surprising then that we see cars or big bikes all dressed up with complimenting colors and style.

How these big toys come to life defines the distinct personality of the owners as they choose colors, design and the entire package according to their inkling.

So, if you want your own toy in spite of your age, check out your local stores for needed products and services. But, don't fail to check online stores too for some accessories like  Anchor engine mounts   and enjoy some real and budget deals.

Cool Summer Style

Kreativ Boutique Store Website

home page of Kreativ Boutique website

Finally, the store website is under the making and I just have to find extra time to complete all the works and make Kreativ Boutique e-shopping possible.

So, to our valued customers,  look forward to this store website.

Lady Sports Apparel

on my trail running through Zamboanga City

I am passionate with my running that I join every local race possible, register for out - of - town competitions, and buy budget running gears among others.

While the field of running is overwhelmed by the opposite specie, the women prove that running is no longer limited to men.

This truth  is unsurprisingly true for other fields like horse riding,  swimming, basketball, football to name a few. And, with this inclination, it is only a relief that sports fashion evolves towards women.

So, if you are in need of sports apparel, you can check your local stores or online like  for riding pants   for some budget and quality sports fashion to boost.

Come August 2012,  I shall be conquering my first marathon and other ladies shall be filling the streets of Davao to finish line.

Elegant Fashion Accessories

 set of colorful bracelet from Robert Rose

 punky leather bracelet
 cool set of stone bracelet from Laura Ashley
 fancy color beaded bracelets

 royal rings from Erica Lyons

 sexy earrings from Fossil and Victor Alfaro

Get all these elegant and fancy fashion accessories only from Kreativ Boutique.

How to Spot a Fake Invicta

Our latest addition, INVICTA Watch from Kreativ Boutique

Among the fashion collection that Kreativ Boutique sells, we have recently included this INVICTA luxury watch for men. And with its pricey price tag, we can only be vigilant of fake Invicta watches  and see if this watch qualifies for authenticity.

So, here are the criteria to assess the originality of an Invicta watch:

  • Assess with the jeweler's loupe the Invicta logo, case back movement, strap, color, dial and even the case. Compare all these with a brochure or an internet query.
  • Authentication documents go along with original Invicta watches, thus, if your watch is without these documents, you are most  likely to get a fake.
  • If price tags are too low for a commercial rate, be more vigilant as prices for original Invicatas don't slash more than 50%.
  • An original watch goes with a luxurious watch box. The name is engraved on the box and may come in color yellow or black and be in wooden or plastic case. 
  • Seller must be legitimate; thus, if seller does not provide you with other authentication documents or show a  much detailed picture of the watch, the potential watch can be a fake. 

How to spot a fake Invicta : eBay Guides

How to Tell Fake Invicta Watches