Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

June is a special month for most families worldwide as Father's Day is celebrated in the second or third week of Sunday.

photo source: heavenbeckons.wordpress.com

And, if you are lost with what to give to your dad or loved one, you can consider the following gift ideas:

  • fashion accessories like a new wallet, belt, tops or / pants, bracelets, rings and others;
  • service coupons like a free hair was or cut or foot massage, 
  • freshly baked special goodies;
  • personally - crafted accessories like specially - designed statement shirts or cups;
  • scrapbooks of all daddy and son /  daughter moments;
  • cards with your love - filled message;
  • surprise travel to his old hometown;
  • rendezvous with old friends;
Whatever you decide, remember that anything that would make your dad or partner feel extra special and appreciated on Father's Day shall sure warm  his heart.