Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Spot a Fake Invicta

Our latest addition, INVICTA Watch from Kreativ Boutique

Among the fashion collection that Kreativ Boutique sells, we have recently included this INVICTA luxury watch for men. And with its pricey price tag, we can only be vigilant of fake Invicta watches  and see if this watch qualifies for authenticity.

So, here are the criteria to assess the originality of an Invicta watch:

  • Assess with the jeweler's loupe the Invicta logo, case back movement, strap, color, dial and even the case. Compare all these with a brochure or an internet query.
  • Authentication documents go along with original Invicta watches, thus, if your watch is without these documents, you are most  likely to get a fake.
  • If price tags are too low for a commercial rate, be more vigilant as prices for original Invicatas don't slash more than 50%.
  • An original watch goes with a luxurious watch box. The name is engraved on the box and may come in color yellow or black and be in wooden or plastic case. 
  • Seller must be legitimate; thus, if seller does not provide you with other authentication documents or show a  much detailed picture of the watch, the potential watch can be a fake. 

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How to Tell Fake Invicta Watches