Sunday, May 6, 2012

L.E.D Fashion Accessories, Anyone?

We once sold some led - light fashion accessories and they were sold like hot cakes for their uniqueness and punky styles.

However, LED - light projects are not just limited to watches, as we see them hooked to hats, belts, bags, pens, key chains and most recently, on teeth!

One can see these  led - light accessories on teeth  in Japan but they are not however intended for commercial use but as part of a marketing - advertising strategy of a store, Laforet Harajuku, to lure buyers. The strategy indeed worked since people expressed to buy the led - light teeth accessory instead.

The LED smile is controlled wirelessly from a computer interface, and, presto! Smiles change colors! To this date, workshops are given by the LED Smile project designers, Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, to help individuals have their own LED Smile.  Isn't that cool.

If you want to build your own led - light project, check out this cool resource of   high power led  and start having your own fashion led  accessory.