Monday, May 28, 2012

Why You Must Wear Dry - Fit Running Apparel

all - soaked Habagat trek blouse from 26km running

running to old running mates
My recent marathon program requires me that I need to run more than 40km a week until  race day in July and while I wear sunblock SPF 50, I still feel the heat burns after hours of running and worst, my clothing are quite soaked.

So, while dry - fit apparel seems to be costly, they can be quite comfy for heavily extensive workout. The Habagat  apparel is indeed better for trekking but not for running.

Unfortunately though that I got a bruised skin  from my sports bra. It was a bad thing to forget to put on some petroleum jelly as anti - friction cream.

So, next time you head to your workout to do some running or alike, make sure that you wear dry - fit apparel for convenience and comfort.