Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cool Race Singlets from Wheels of Hope Run

Runners of Wheels of Hope Run
The Wheels of Hope (WOH) Run had finally commenced with over 400 runners to boot and the singlet was one cool design that it had drawn attendees not to mention that the proceeds of this 3KM / 5KM / 10KM shall be for the wheelchairs of some differently abled individuals specially kids.

Wearing an appropriate race singlet makes the run more comfortable as the sweat and daytime temperature can make all the run draining.

We have to include as well that this singlet must endure several outdoor exposure and have the tenacity similar to outdoor tv antennas  for posterity and economics.

Singlets may not be required in all running races but they can be a major attraction especially if a personal record has been broken from an improved performance.

Happy Father's Day!

Blessed are the fathers for they have been  generous in all ways. Happy Dad's Day to all fathers out there.

Fathers Day comments

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The World Cheer for Queen Elizabeth II

For days now, I have been seeing the celebration of England for the 60 years of loyal service and commitment of England's monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

the royal family at St Paul's Cathedral after the thanksgiving; photo source:

And, while we have that auspicious scrutiny on every royal happening, we equally cheer for the monarchy's joy. In fact, the 4 - day celebration was filled with colors and styles from sky to ramp and the crowd could never get more.

At 86, the queen is in good mental and physical state and has continued to influence the fashion industry. In fact, the inkling of fancy hats can be attributed to the royals.

I can only wish that our retirees shall have the same or as close to the dignity and pride of the queen as she leads her state even at the prime of her age.

It is then important that retirees have retirement plans and programs including  best fixed annuity   for a more comfy living ahead.

So, we continually cheer for the leadership and style of Queen Elizabeth II on her diamond jubilee.

Victoria Secret's Mist on Wholesale

among the many variants of Victoria's Secret for wholesale price
As part of the storewide sale only from Kreativ Boutique, we have included perfumes from Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secrets to be one of the many stocks on big discounts.

But, more importantly, we want to help our customers earn a supplementary income by reselling these perfumes at  commercial prices.

So, avail now of our wholesale price starting on three (3) pieces. Give us a buzz!

The Right Zumba Fashion

Zumba fashion; photo source:

General Santos City does not fall behind the zumba craze; in fact,  zumba is the main dance workout that every week, there is a zumba session and what can be a more comfy workout than wearing the right apparel for this fast - grooving dance.

I once tried zumba after a run and with my dry - fit shirt and tight pants along with my running shoes, the dance was all ok until I was fuming in extreme heat from a prior run and from the zumba stances that I had to shed off my top and stuck with a sports bra and tight leggings.

The rest of my zumba - mates were equally well dressed except of course with few exception. So, what does a zumba fashion actually constitute? Personally, anything comfy shall be the main criterion.

Check this video and see how we all dressed up for a zumba session.