Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Right Zumba Fashion

Zumba fashion; photo source: squidoo.com

General Santos City does not fall behind the zumba craze; in fact,  zumba is the main dance workout that every week, there is a zumba session and what can be a more comfy workout than wearing the right apparel for this fast - grooving dance.

I once tried zumba after a run and with my dry - fit shirt and tight pants along with my running shoes, the dance was all ok until I was fuming in extreme heat from a prior run and from the zumba stances that I had to shed off my top and stuck with a sports bra and tight leggings.

The rest of my zumba - mates were equally well dressed except of course with few exception. So, what does a zumba fashion actually constitute? Personally, anything comfy shall be the main criterion.

Check this video and see how we all dressed up for a zumba session.