Monday, July 30, 2012

Fashion Tips and More for Long Distance Runners

Fully blistered after 63KM run

with other fellow runners in the middle of the night
I hope to one day run my marathon before this 2012 would end but never would I imagine that I would join 13 other crazy runners in their quest for 63KM from General Santos City to Koronadal City last July 13.

the Ultra marathoners with  Koronadal City government representative
I had one terrible ordeal during the 12 - hour run of  63KM and I could only wish to share these tips should you wish to go through a marathon or an ultra marathon for injury - free run.

  • Never run a marathon or an ultra - marathon without prior training program. A typical program  may take 16  - 20 weeks with prior running base.
  • Bring extra pair of shoes and  socks just in case your  feet get soaked from rain or water holes.
  • Properly hydrate and carbo - loaded before, during and after the run for the needed fuel and recovery.
  • Bring first aid like pain ointment or medicines.
  • Bring your own logistics for immediate support.
  • Bring your camera for documentation.
  • Properly dress up for the run. Wear compression suit, head gear and water utility belt.
  • If possible, use a pedometer for your guide.
  • Bring needed accessories like sunglasses, whistle, petroleum jelly and specially - needed running