Monday, July 9, 2012

Spotting a Fake Aeropostale Shirt

Aeropostale shirts have filled my cabinet simply because they are comfy and remain feminine. However, it is not surprising that even Aeropostale apparel are with counterfeits.

So, how do we spot the fake ones? Usually, an Aeropostale shirt would have a printed brand and other details on the neck side with the serial number that complements the rectangular patch.

Also, notice that the authentic shirts are soft in texture while the fake ones are rough.

Lastly, compare the prices because Aeropostales are priced from $10.00 on regular items, so, when you are sold with cheap ones and they are not on sale, then, be more conscious.

If you can manage to buy from the legitimate Aeropostale outlets, then, you can be worry - free.