Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Planning for a Fashion Store Matters

It is rule of thumb that any business and/or anything including planning a funeral that needs major decision requires serious planning. Not only that it would save us time and resources against wastage and unexpected events, it would somehow make our mind at ease knowing that we considered and covered all required details.

So, what should be thought whenever you consider a fashion store?  You can assess the following:

  • Location. Is your store accessible to the general public especially to your target market?
  • Stocks. Depending on your fashion niche (e.g. fashion apparel for men or women, bags, jewelry, etc), you need a regular supply of new arrivals.
  • Price. Make sure that your store offers competitive prices.
  • Customer Service. Nothing beats a better customer service pre - sale and post - sale service. Not only that you create goodwill among your customers, you build as well their loyalty with you.
  • Quality. Remember that anyone is willing to pay for quality products and / or services. Never compromise then your store name with unwarranted quality.