Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fashion on Biking

Off - road trail mountain biking 
To de - stress from work, graduate school and store, I decided to drag my mountain bike along with my partner to a group of mountain trail bikers in General Santos City.

We traversed more than 37KM of road and mountain biking between 7am - 11am in the middle of scourging heat.

Good thing though that  I wore my long legging pants, biker's shirt, arm sleeves,  hat, sunglasses, sports music player, and mask to protect me from external elements.

Any recreational or competitive sports can be elegant or stylish with fancy apparel but what can better than wearing security with this fashion choices like mesh motorcycle jacket  to name a few.

I can only hope that next weekend can be a fun biking again. I just hope that my graduate school project and exam can be realized successfully before Sunday biking comes.

Fashion and Talent - Random Girl Zendee Rose

Zendee Rose is the newest internet sensation and why do  we commend her, for one she is our school's own alumna and second, she is totally a great singer.

She would normally win the grand prize from General Santos City's singing contests and even bagged the grand prize for STI Regional Band Competition.

Now that she is a talent of GMA, we hope that she could finally realize her life - long talent and groove more with her fancy and punky fashion taste and great talent.

The Beautiful Eun Joo Park

Eun Joo Park performing @ SM Mall - Gensan City
We happened to see Korean electronic violinist Eun Joo Park at SM Gensan and what else can I say about this beautiful and sexy  lady - TOTAL TALENT !

She did pretty well performing the classic pieces of the greatest music icons but what captivated us was her own rendition of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) Anak, Ikaw and Paano. Then there was this pinoy folk song.

Gosh! This lady can sure capture her audience with her music and bubbly moves. Watch this Youtube video of one of her Philippines local performances.

What can be more exciting than to see her on our big TV screen with  tv stands with mount   to relax and commend her works.

If only I can look for her album and have a personal collection of her music then this beautiful lady is one talent to applaud for.

Straw Bags Are In

photo source:
In a local news, I happened to see how a local of General Santos City had done well through designing and making of straw bags, giveaways, hampers and more.

And, what is extra special about this craft is the fact that the materials are so unique and to make a livelihood about it could be more appreciated.

So, if you too are in search for home livelihood, try this new venture.

To make a straw bag, you can read on this article from eHow.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Player Finally!

When my one - month - old SONY Waterproof MP3 was lost while running, I was able to replace it with a cheap Sports MP3 to accompany me during my runs or biking.

It was however unfortunate  that it got busted too after two (2) months of use that I had to send it to the supplier for warranty services only to be told that my charger is quite loose. Now, that is finally back, I can enjoy my solitary exercise with some fun music.

I wish my own kid can go back to his violin lessons, so, he too can enjoy a passion for music or perhaps he may try piano lessons   instead if interests him better.

While experts divide in their contention that music can indeed boost EQ, I just wish that my kid and I can sustain our individual recreation to relieve stress and to enforce family ties.

Trail Cycling Fashion and More

with other cycling enthusiasts
We have our own trail bikes now and I have the excuse not to run especially if I have late night works. So, whenever we can, my husband and I along with our kid do trail biking.

So, we somehow manage to have our comfy cycling apparel to include an air - cool  top, compression tights, cyclist's shoes, mask, sunglasses and hand gloves to name a few.

And with this new cross - training  activity, we can only hope to build our leg power and have the the endurance to eventually do a triathlon.

I hope this week, we can hit the road and do our long - bike distance.

Kreativ Beauty Salon Now Open!

Our Services
Salon's Facade

We have finally have our second business venture and this time, our boutique with family salon. This is an unexplored business opportunity and in fact, we are quite anxious as to how to operate it without any formal background on parlor operations.

Indeed, starting any business is a challenge, thus, it is important that due planning is done and the business opportunity is truly feasible.

There are indeed a lot of investment opportunities that include silver dollars to name a few.

So, come and visit us and avail of our opening discounts!

Tips for Color - Treated Hair

As a form of self - expression, hair styling has become of the top choices and personally, I resorted to various hair services to include perming, hair relaxing, highlights, color to name a few. But, it indeed took a setback when I had to see my hair strands all brittle from the treatment among others.

So, how do we exactly take care of our hair once they are treated, particularly, hair colored? Experts suggest the following:

  1.  Never perm or  iron your color - treated hair until it is two weeks old or much older.
  2. Use a head cap when swimming.
  3. Use big - tooth comb.
  4. Use a shampoo and conditioner for hair - colored. Shampoo every other day instead and lavish your hair with  conditioner especially on the ends.
  5. Use a deep conditioner once a month.
  6. Have a regular hair cut every 4 weeks to cut off the split ends.
  7. Let air - dry your hair, so, refrain from using hair curlers  or blowers. 
  8. Don't overstay under the sun.


How to Take Care of Colored Hair


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zumba Fashion Craze and More!

Zumba Marathon with other fanatics @ Robinson's Mall

Zumba has finally invaded General Santos City too that every gym and every physical exercise like running, zumba has become a regular warm - up exercise.

In fact, a fellow runner has become so addicted with it that her base training  is zumba and her speed performance is quite remarkable.

It is then a usual sight that zumba enthusiasts are in fancy and loud color with  all the thrills and frills for a happier and fun aura.

So, until next free schedule, there I shall be for zumba.