Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fashion on Biking

Off - road trail mountain biking 
To de - stress from work, graduate school and store, I decided to drag my mountain bike along with my partner to a group of mountain trail bikers in General Santos City.

We traversed more than 37KM of road and mountain biking between 7am - 11am in the middle of scourging heat.

Good thing though that  I wore my long legging pants, biker's shirt, arm sleeves,  hat, sunglasses, sports music player, and mask to protect me from external elements.

Any recreational or competitive sports can be elegant or stylish with fancy apparel but what can better than wearing security with this fashion choices like mesh motorcycle jacket  to name a few.

I can only hope that next weekend can be a fun biking again. I just hope that my graduate school project and exam can be realized successfully before Sunday biking comes.