Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Player Finally!

When my one - month - old SONY Waterproof MP3 was lost while running, I was able to replace it with a cheap Sports MP3 to accompany me during my runs or biking.

It was however unfortunate  that it got busted too after two (2) months of use that I had to send it to the supplier for warranty services only to be told that my charger is quite loose. Now, that is finally back, I can enjoy my solitary exercise with some fun music.

I wish my own kid can go back to his violin lessons, so, he too can enjoy a passion for music or perhaps he may try piano lessons   instead if interests him better.

While experts divide in their contention that music can indeed boost EQ, I just wish that my kid and I can sustain our individual recreation to relieve stress and to enforce family ties.