Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GenSan Mountan Trail Bike Fashion and More

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In my desire to improve my running endurance and to go for triathlon, I join my partner and the group of trail bikers to go off road and do fun trail biking. 

But, there shall be a biking competition this weekend and I could only show my anxiety and hesitation as I am only a newbie trail biker. 

I could only pray that I won't stumble or bump into another biker and pray that in spite of my possible tailing spot, I could finish the race from start to end.

So, I am planning to put on my compression suit,  sunglasses, mask, MP3 and arm sleeves and some first aid and hydration kit.

I  am pretty sure that there shall be a good number of attendees who would indeed compete or simply join it for fun. I'm quite sure these attendees would bring their own stress - relievers to include from   cigar retailers  among others.

I hope I can overcome my fear of downhill and traffic. I can only cross my fingers.