Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soccer and Running Apparel, Anyone?

We finally decided to load our second branch of  Kreativ Boutique some soccer and running apparel. Not only that my family and I are into running and soccer, we get to network with fellow sports enthusiasts, so, selling stuffs for the hobbies we personally love can be quite fun.

Others may not share the same fun as we do for outdoor sports but I quite know that other individuals spend their time collection stuffs including antiques and  1890 silver dollar   to name a few.

Regardless  of the hobby we all pursue, I guess the bottom line is that we have all fun while doing it.

So, if you or your families are in need of dry – fit running and soccer games, buzz us!

Witch Costume for Us

In a few hours, we will be holding the first Halloween Fun Run in a local cemetery to include 1.6 kilometers, 3 kilometers and 5 kilometers.

To make the run extra fun, there are hurdles from the fairy, witch, zombie before the runners can reach the finish line.

While this is no – extra ordinary race, organizers and runners are to wear their best Halloween attire. I have to be in witch costume stationed at kilometer 3.

I hope we will have  fun and the rest of the runners shall share that same feeling. Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chic Photo Shoot

my sister in - law 
With computer technology, anything can be done. And, for one photos and videos can be modified to the artist's own liking.

Celebrities and alike get to enjoy the perks of  computer technology as human flaws can be eliminated or hidden.

Good thing though that one can find online practically anything; for instance,  you can  tutorials on cooking, swimming, programming, or simply  find outdoor wall plaques  to perk up your home.

It was awhile since my last  photo shoot on the pristine sands of Sta Cruz Island, Zamboanga City, I shall soon find time to be in the limelight of the cameras again.

Elegant Fashion @ Kreativ Boutique

Kreativ Boutique is quite happy to launch these sets of photos showing off our collection of Hollywood dresses, high - end  bags, shoes and accessories.

Taken at Mt Sabrina's resto, we simply had fun ad thrill from the photo shoot with model Roxanne Pasamanero and our photographers, Arnel and Richard.

So, for your fashion needs, buzz us.

Dress: Cassandra Stone
Accessories: Erica Lyons/Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Nina
Bag: La Regale
Model: Roxanne Pasamanero
Photographer: Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim
MUA/Hair Stylist: Andy of Kreativ Family Salon

Dress: R & M Richards
Accessories: Erica Lyons/Forever 21/ New York Style
Shoes: Nina
Bag: Relativity
Model: Roxanne Pasamanero
Photographer: Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim
MUA/Hair Stylist: Andy of Kreativ Family Salon
— with King Limpong Talento

Dress: Calvin Klein
Accessories: Erica Lyons/Jessica Simpson
Bag: Relativity
Model: Roxanne Pasamanero
Photographer: Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim
MUA/Hair Stylist: Andy of Kreativ Family Salon

Zumba Fashion and Fitness

in the 1st Duo Aerobic/Zumba Marathon in Koronadal Ciy; photo source: Gelyn - Facebook
Zumba has become a craze in this part of Mindanao and from a typical aerobic exercise, this Latin - inspired Zumba dance grooves have definitely captured most health - conscious buffs since it is low - impact, easy to follow and holistic in toning all the muscle groups.

For one, I used it as a cross training to running and to work on my upper extremities. But, apart from the sexy dance moves, one could not miss the loud and fancy colors of zumba dancers and enthusiasts.

Good thing that there are online stores for some zumba lessons and  music - related paraphernalia for some recreational activities to cut that extra weight and to be healthier.

Here's a video clip from Youtube for a glimpse of Zumba.

Kreativ Boutique's New Logo

works by: Rabbi Turco
Finally, we  have our official logo for Kreativ Boutique and I could only be prouder that my own student had designed the logo. It is simple but pleasing to see though.

So, now I can have it on our stuffs and marketing promotions. What can you say?
Works by Rabbi Turco

Ms Paraguay of GenSan Seeks Help

 When one would travel around the skirts of General Santos City, you would never miss one tall gay well made up that ramped well through the roads in spite of the scourging heat.

One would say, he is crazy while others could only be amazed with the confidence and style this guy emitted. He is known as Paraguay  and he was again criticized when he had to speak as endorser for a city festival.

Here's one video clip from Youtube just to show how bubbly he can be.

Regardless whether he influenced us positively or otherwise, we were startled once more when he heard the news that he has cancer of stage 4 and needs help.

He is currently confined at General Santos City's District Hospital, quite sick, could hardly talk and in solitude with only  medical computer carts  and UV's on him.

While GenSan can be known for world champ Manny Pacquiao, Ms Universe runner - up Shamcey Supsup or the actors and actresses hailed from here, we have Paraguay to include in the list. So, if you like to help, it shall be highly appreciated.

Comfort and Style @ Road House Hotel

In spite of the busy schedule, I simply had to see  my bloggers' family in an invitation of Manny Pacquiao's Road House Hotel at the heart of General Santos City.

Road House
The structure is quite unique as it resembles a typical motel but with the elegance of a high - end hotel. I had to get awed with the spacious rooms they have more than the usual for a typical hotel.

with SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers and their host, Ms June of Road House

With rooms price ranging between PHP 2000.00 - 4000.00 to cater to single, couple or group occupancy, the rooms are simply equipped with basic hotel amenities including free breakfast and the perks of Manny Pacquiao's memorabilias.

superior room
More importantly, they have a function room to house conventions or forums for company or institutional needs and then there's Kee's Cafe that offers national standards for pastries, meals and quality coffee. And, now that they have a national acclaimed chef on the house, you bet you would love the California maki, tuna specialty and more.

So, check them out and experience the fun. Oops! Did I mention that I love their unique blend of fruit shakes?