Monday, October 8, 2012

Ms Paraguay of GenSan Seeks Help

 When one would travel around the skirts of General Santos City, you would never miss one tall gay well made up that ramped well through the roads in spite of the scourging heat.

One would say, he is crazy while others could only be amazed with the confidence and style this guy emitted. He is known as Paraguay  and he was again criticized when he had to speak as endorser for a city festival.

Here's one video clip from Youtube just to show how bubbly he can be.

Regardless whether he influenced us positively or otherwise, we were startled once more when he heard the news that he has cancer of stage 4 and needs help.

He is currently confined at General Santos City's District Hospital, quite sick, could hardly talk and in solitude with only  medical computer carts  and UV's on him.

While GenSan can be known for world champ Manny Pacquiao, Ms Universe runner - up Shamcey Supsup or the actors and actresses hailed from here, we have Paraguay to include in the list. So, if you like to help, it shall be highly appreciated.