Monday, October 8, 2012

Zumba Fashion and Fitness

in the 1st Duo Aerobic/Zumba Marathon in Koronadal Ciy; photo source: Gelyn - Facebook
Zumba has become a craze in this part of Mindanao and from a typical aerobic exercise, this Latin - inspired Zumba dance grooves have definitely captured most health - conscious buffs since it is low - impact, easy to follow and holistic in toning all the muscle groups.

For one, I used it as a cross training to running and to work on my upper extremities. But, apart from the sexy dance moves, one could not miss the loud and fancy colors of zumba dancers and enthusiasts.

Good thing that there are online stores for some zumba lessons and  music - related paraphernalia for some recreational activities to cut that extra weight and to be healthier.

Here's a video clip from Youtube for a glimpse of Zumba.