Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marathon Apparel 101

landing 7th place in 21km among 7000+ runners registered in Milo Marathon GenSan leg
Depending on where you intend to run officially your marathon, it is best to run in a running apparel that is comfortable through out the rest of 42km.

In a tropical  country like Philippines, my marathon apparel basics would include a comfy running shorts and socks to keep those blisters away, dry - fit tops, arm sleeves for heat, visor, sports running watch from  citizen watches  and sunglasses for hours of running.

Plus, don't forget to put on gracious amount of petroleum jelly on your feet, armpit, panty / brief lines, chest and other areas prone to blisters.

It is best to be smart when you run to make sure that your first marathon shall be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Best of luck!

Jennifer Lopez Rocked Manila

The renowned Jennifer Lopez had swept off the Filipinos their feet with an all - night dancing from her old and new songs. And, simply the crowd was overwhelmed.

The Manila concert last November 26, 2012 was one of the leg of Dance Again World Tour. Read on from news from Youtube.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun Trail Running in Lake Sebu

We have been trail running for over a year now but since I had to complete my last semester in graduate school, I had to give up my running  and miss all the fun from trail runs.

But,  after ending my final exams, I could only take every opportunity possible to relax and to take off my  mind over the pending result.

So, without any trail run practice, I had to run in the first 21km trail run around Lake Sebu that  is 800 meters above sea level with very rolling terrains. Unfortunately, water pit stops were not that abundant. Good thing though that  I have my own water bottle to hoard enough supply until the next pit stop.
But, the run was worth it as the scenic view of the lakes,  the foggy mountains, and the welcoming locals playing  native musical instrument  compensate for the lapses. 

We sure had fun, so, come 2013, a full marathon shall be set and with better logistics. See you all.

How to Spot A Victoria's Secret Perfume Mist Fake

Victoria's Secret from Kreativ Boutique; photo credits: Arnele Joshua Lim

Victoria's  Secret perfumes are simply one of the many perfumes being counterfeited and with their pricey tags, one can be quite disappointed if he / she falls for the fake purchases.

So, how do we spot a fake? Go check these obvious differences:

  1. Check the labels for bad spellings or grammars;
  2. Check the packaging. Visiting Victoria's Secret  official website can give you an idea for old and latest packaging.
  3. Fake scents may last only from few minutes to an hour or two while original scent stay even if wash off with running water.
  4. color can be  pale for fake ones;
  5. fake perfumes may be priced much cheaper than commercial rates;
 So, to get the most out of your money, buy only from legitimate stores. Happy shopping!


Creating Your Own Fashion Accessories

Creating fashion accessories can be quite easy. With the right fashion accessory tools like long - nose pliers, stoppers,  elastic bands, metal bands and colorful natural beads, you can practically, create any fashion accessories from earrings, necklaces to bracelets and anklets.

elegant bracelet

colorful beach earrings

tribal necklaces

There is no finite limit to designing fashion accessories, with your creativity and rich collection of materials, you can string just about any design.

Simply, visit your local stores for some fashion accessory tools and organizers, and if you like help, a beadwork book can be just fine. 

New Holiday Arrivals @ Kreativ Boutique

cool sunglasses and more with us

Victoria Secret's perfume set and bag

Authentic Tommy Hilfiger sling bag
The wait is over as the new arrival for the holiday season in Kreativ Boutique is finally done as fresh collection of bags, sun glasses, apparels, perfumes and more is now on display. Plus, get to enjoy the storewide discounts including on our new arrivals.

So, visit us now. Simply find us on Facebook for your orders or queries.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Sale @ Kreativ Boutique

Great news! Enjoy our holiday sale as  we give a storewide discount on all items to include   apparel, bags, perfumes, accessories, shoes and a lot more.

So, if you are in search of best gifts for your loved, go check out our collection that may include authentic brands of Nine West, Fossil, Steve Madden, Aeropostale among others.

With great stuffs on display rack secured with  manual clamping systems, you bet you get best buys for your hard earned money.
So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at Gaisano Mall, General Santos City or look for us on Facebook.

Airsoft Apparel 101

Airsoft Apparel 101 One of the adrenaline – rush recreations is airsoft, while this game can be much safer than the real steel, it can be quite a toil if being hit with bb’s at tremendous speed.

The AirSoft Group - GenSan Chapter; photo credits: Marthin Millado

 So, for your own protection and for maximized fun, make sure that your safety is your utmost priority. What then comprises basic airsoft apparel requirements:
  • Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG) 
  • Gloves 
  • Long battle pants 
  • Long battle tops 
  • Mask 
  • Helmet 
  • Combat shoes
  • vest 
If you like the adrenaline - rush from combat simulation, go try airsoft and  it shall be worth your time and resources.