Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun Trail Running in Lake Sebu

We have been trail running for over a year now but since I had to complete my last semester in graduate school, I had to give up my running  and miss all the fun from trail runs.

But,  after ending my final exams, I could only take every opportunity possible to relax and to take off my  mind over the pending result.

So, without any trail run practice, I had to run in the first 21km trail run around Lake Sebu that  is 800 meters above sea level with very rolling terrains. Unfortunately, water pit stops were not that abundant. Good thing though that  I have my own water bottle to hoard enough supply until the next pit stop.
But, the run was worth it as the scenic view of the lakes,  the foggy mountains, and the welcoming locals playing  native musical instrument  compensate for the lapses. 

We sure had fun, so, come 2013, a full marathon shall be set and with better logistics. See you all.