Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marathon Apparel 101

landing 7th place in 21km among 7000+ runners registered in Milo Marathon GenSan leg
Depending on where you intend to run officially your marathon, it is best to run in a running apparel that is comfortable through out the rest of 42km.

In a tropical  country like Philippines, my marathon apparel basics would include a comfy running shorts and socks to keep those blisters away, dry - fit tops, arm sleeves for heat, visor, sports running watch from  citizen watches  and sunglasses for hours of running.

Plus, don't forget to put on gracious amount of petroleum jelly on your feet, armpit, panty / brief lines, chest and other areas prone to blisters.

It is best to be smart when you run to make sure that your first marathon shall be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Best of luck!