Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Have Stress - Free Party Fashion

With holidays  in the air, it is only inevitable that parties compel you to dress up and be at your best. But, with strings of parties to attend to, sometimes, joining them can be a big stress already.

So, how to have a stress -  free party fashion? Here are my practical tips:

  • Have a ready - outfit. Parties are pre - scheduled, so, you have enough time to select the best outfit for the occasion.   Either you buy this outfit off the rack or you can make out from your old clothes and simply mix and match appropriately;
  • Wear appropriate bag for fit - all - the - basics. If your  basics would only include a cellphone, strips of cards, a little cash, and powder and lipstick, then, a smaller bag shall do the trick;
  • Wear comfy shoes. Depending on the party theme, search for an appropriate set of footwear. You don't want to endure a couple of hours on wrong shoes.
  • Wear appropriate make up. If you can wear the right make up, then, you save the parlor trip otherwise let your friend or a professional do the thing.
  • Organize the party well if you are the event host. What can be more worse than being the host as you attend to food, program, invitations and round labels, drinks and music among others. Having ample time before the big day can help you straighten up what must be needed. You can make a to - do list to make sure that you get all the stuffs done on time.
  • Simply have fun.  At the party, simply enjoy the moments with friends and leave your work or home stuffs behind. Worry no more of your looks. Remember that you have prepared for the event and it only deserves your full time and attention, so, just have fun.

Airsoft Apparel for Dummy

Airsoft is close to the real thing of combat or urban war as guns and other military paraphernalia and apparel are must - haves if you want to enjoy a fast and overwhelming  adrenaline - rush recreation.

The principle and techniques of airsoft are similar to the real except of course the real ammunition, we use bb's but can be somehow dangerous if you are not well dressed up.

the Airsofters from Airsoft GenSan
So, what comprise  a basic airsoft apparel? Let me cite the following:

  • military helmet (for better head protection) or a military hat;
  • full facial mask to cover including your ears;
  • tactical shemagh to cover around your neck or around your head for camouflage and added protection too;
  • full battle dress uniform depending on your military simulation scenario. If you shall be into jungle game, then, it is only smarter to wear woodland uniform among others for camouflage;
  • protection pads for elbows and knees;
  • tactical hand gloves;
  • tactical shoes or combat shoes;
  • vest;
  • airsoft rifle(s)  
Airsofters in Action

with my colleague

When you play, consider always your security as bb's can quite hit you badly especially in close - range attack. So, be smart in playing and make sure you won't get  killed (figuratively!). Have fun!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cool Fashion Holiday Gift Ideas

In just a few days, Christmas holiday is around the corner and the pressure is only high as we need to wrap something for our loved ones.

Rolfs' hand bag

Pink Canvas Bag

Asian bracelets

Pitbull cap

If you prefer fashion stuffs, here are my suggestions:

  1. cool and bright tops from the brands of Victoria's Secrets, Izod, Aeropostale, and other brands your loved ones would  love;
  2. fancy  fashion accessories like sets of bracelets, rings, necklaces or anklets. If you are budget tied, you can always make the handcrafts yourself;
  3. loud - color and well - decorated fashion inspired gadgets including cellphones, tablets or music equipment;
  4. bright colored dress and frocks to rock any holiday party;
  5. fancy holiday - inspired shoes and other flats;
  6. bags from your favorite brands or your loved one's. 
With all the clearance sales from stores, you can get the best buys for your gifts. Happy holiday shopping!

How to Spot a Fake Lacoste

My sister just had a free Lacoste bag after a known credit card had it for free on certain purchases. And, she among others is only as  excited to have this high - end bag.

But, practically how do we spot a fake from the original bag?  I have consolidated what experts say about this bag originally created in 1933 by tennis player Rene Lacoste.

The following are the criteria to assess:

  1. Materials. A Lacoste bag can be a cotton canvas, a PVC or leather - made. As for the colors, they can come in subtle color like brown, white, tan, black for PVC's made, and of bright colors for cotton canvas and leather  - made. You can check out the Lacoste official website for their latest and classic color collections. All Lacoste bags do have the distinct Lacoste crocodile logo.
  2. Logo. All bags do have green crocodile logo perfectly sewn on the bag's material. The logo shall be found at the bottom part of the logo. Depending on the material, the logo shall have the company name. 
  3. Stitching. Check out the quality of stitching if it is evenly and securely made otherwise you have a fake.
  4. Price. An authentic Lacoste bag has around $ 30 at least, so, if you have lower than this then probably you have a fake unless you get it from a legitimate Lacoste outlet or boutiques.


How to Spot a Fake Lacoste Bag


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Holidays at Malls

The Holidays are up and running as early as September in the Philippines and these are oftentimes highlighted by various Christmas songs played over the radio and when carolers do their usual night stunts house after house.

But, one won't miss how malls start the the Christmas mood with all the bright decors, around and about every nook of the shopping mall.

Depending on their holiday theme, one could only be swept off with the holiday hype and just wish that shopping can be as extravagant as the shopping malls decors and their fancy Signs in fredericksburg among others.

Hanging snow flakes at Harbor Point, Olangapo City
dry - leaf Christmas Tree @ Tree Top Adventure, Subic

ice Christmas @ Mall of Asia, Manila