Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Airsoft Apparel for Dummy

Airsoft is close to the real thing of combat or urban war as guns and other military paraphernalia and apparel are must - haves if you want to enjoy a fast and overwhelming  adrenaline - rush recreation.

The principle and techniques of airsoft are similar to the real except of course the real ammunition, we use bb's but can be somehow dangerous if you are not well dressed up.

the Airsofters from Airsoft GenSan
So, what comprise  a basic airsoft apparel? Let me cite the following:

  • military helmet (for better head protection) or a military hat;
  • full facial mask to cover including your ears;
  • tactical shemagh to cover around your neck or around your head for camouflage and added protection too;
  • full battle dress uniform depending on your military simulation scenario. If you shall be into jungle game, then, it is only smarter to wear woodland uniform among others for camouflage;
  • protection pads for elbows and knees;
  • tactical hand gloves;
  • tactical shoes or combat shoes;
  • vest;
  • airsoft rifle(s)  
Airsofters in Action

with my colleague

When you play, consider always your security as bb's can quite hit you badly especially in close - range attack. So, be smart in playing and make sure you won't get  killed (figuratively!). Have fun!