Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Have Stress - Free Party Fashion

With holidays  in the air, it is only inevitable that parties compel you to dress up and be at your best. But, with strings of parties to attend to, sometimes, joining them can be a big stress already.

So, how to have a stress -  free party fashion? Here are my practical tips:

  • Have a ready - outfit. Parties are pre - scheduled, so, you have enough time to select the best outfit for the occasion.   Either you buy this outfit off the rack or you can make out from your old clothes and simply mix and match appropriately;
  • Wear appropriate bag for fit - all - the - basics. If your  basics would only include a cellphone, strips of cards, a little cash, and powder and lipstick, then, a smaller bag shall do the trick;
  • Wear comfy shoes. Depending on the party theme, search for an appropriate set of footwear. You don't want to endure a couple of hours on wrong shoes.
  • Wear appropriate make up. If you can wear the right make up, then, you save the parlor trip otherwise let your friend or a professional do the thing.
  • Organize the party well if you are the event host. What can be more worse than being the host as you attend to food, program, invitations and round labels, drinks and music among others. Having ample time before the big day can help you straighten up what must be needed. You can make a to - do list to make sure that you get all the stuffs done on time.
  • Simply have fun.  At the party, simply enjoy the moments with friends and leave your work or home stuffs behind. Worry no more of your looks. Remember that you have prepared for the event and it only deserves your full time and attention, so, just have fun.