Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Party Fashion, Safety Tips and More

As soon as December comes in, we are invited to countless reunions, holiday parties, and endless shopping and dining that we sometimes overlook our safety, health, diet and lifestyle in general.

Bloggers' Party
 So, experts advice us to observe safety and healthy drinking or / and dining as we join our friends and loved ones in our countless holiday parties.

Try the following party and safety tips:

Fashion Tips:

  • Observe dress code as you join parties;
  • Pick happy colors like red or green ( or any themed color)
  • Bring extra beauty first - aiders like wipes for spilled drinks, or tissue papers for make - up blotches from all the fun;
  • Bring extra lingerie or toiletries  just in case you need to sleep over at your friend's place if you are so drank up to go home;
  • Have fun and groove with the party music and beats but be conscious of your apparel like if your tube dress has exposed more skin than needed. 

Safety Tips:
  • Lock your place  should you need to go out and leave your home alone;
  • Unplug all unused appliances to avoid fire and unnecessary electricity expenses.
  • Don't drive if you have drunk alcoholic beverages;
  • Never take or leave drinks unseen as party drugs may be used in your drinking glasses.
  • Inform your family of your whereabouts.
Health Tips:

  • Limit your alcoholic drinks;
  • Limit your food intake  as too much of anything is isn't good; 
  • Watch out for anything from food to other triggers  that may lead to your allergy attacks or other health concerns;
  • Don't miss your exercise for all the extra calories earned this holidays.
Holidays are for fun but these should not mean compromising our health and safety. So, MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND A BLESSED 2014.

SOX Bloggers' Beauty Pageant - Themed Christmas Party

The SOX Bloggers @ Year - End Party
We had super fun last night as we my blogging family had once again convened to celebrate one year of friendship and good works!
the Ladies after their pageant ramp

So, to make the Christmas party more fun, we had a beauty - pageant - inspired event where attendees should ramp and greet using the country's language  they represented.

My husband and I had to greet in Polish for Poland and Tamil for Sri Lanka as others had to speak in another foreign language.

Top winners were Ms India and Mr Hongkong

Fashion and Gadgets (Not) Allowed in Triathlon

athletes in run - bike - run duathlon race
 Triathlon is one tough multi - sports race and quite strict too with the standards set for the three  successive events - swimming, biking and running.

Triathlon has been gaining popularity since 1980s and it has been well embraced by different races and age brackets just to see how their endurance would bring to finish line in one piece.

I recently completed my novice triathlon, and joined firsthand in a sprint triathlon but only in the run leg. And, from the race briefings held and actual race, triathlon is no joke to attend to.
triathletes in bike leg
So, since this multi - sport demands months of training, you have to get used to training only with the gadgets and accessories allowed.

The gadgets or accessories allowed are only the ones used for actual race. The following is the basic list:

- goggles
- swim cap

- helmet
- sunglasses
- hand gloves

- running shoes

completing my mini - sprint triathlon
While we may be used to training with music player, unfortunately, other gadgets like music player  is not allowed. This is for the fact  that music player may be too loud enough to hear race warnings that may compromise the triathletes.

But, after the race, savor your winning moment as you join your fellow triathletes in a post - race party with all the music, food and beer, cheers and yells for medals and finisher's goodies among others.

So, before you join any triathlon competition, make sure to know  the race essentials and what shouldn't be brought otherwise it may mean disqualification.

Train well for your upcoming triathlon but be safe and have super fun. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Triathlon Fashion Trouble

completing the last leg of triathlon
I had trained harder than I should be as I  felt inadequate in my swimming. So, from the last two months prior to race day, I had to swim practically everyday including getting used to swimming in deep pool.

I had to rest also from running as I felt the leg strain from the last trail run. So, during race day, I had harder time running as I wore my extra - small triathlon suit that is one size smaller that it should be.  This made my running a struggle as I could hardly breathe.  I had used that extra small  triathlon suit only in swimming and biking but never in a three - event practice. So, wearing a triathlon suit not used during a practice is a major mistake.

Team General Santos City Novice Triathletes
So, when you need to compete, wear only triathlon suit and accessories that you had tried during training to avoid any mishap!

PS: I landed 3rd from the Overall Women's category with 35 seconds behind the champion..

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why You Should Buy Only the Original Music Players

I recently purchased a low - end music player to at least make my long hours of training less boring. However, in a span of 1 week use, the unit has gone bad.  I was thinking that I was only wrong with my charging time.

I had to report the incident and was glad that I got a replacement but the incident  happened as the 2nd replacement was also defective.

my old  lost SONY mp3
This along with the three (3) other cheap music players I have had expired and gone to waste. It made me wish that I had not lost my original SONY mp3, I could have saved all the bucks for buying cheap ones.

So, the next time, you wish to save and be practical about music players and other music equipment or gadgets  go for authentic and new ones to assure you of quality standards, better performance and worth of your hard earned penny.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tshirts: Yolanda Fund Raising

ABS - CBN Statement Shirts for Yolanda Victims
In the onslaught of  Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, the death toll has now reached over 5000 with more than a thousand of still missing persons with billions of property losses and more.

In this time of Christmas holiday, the entire nation and the whole world can only grieve more for the families who have lost their loved ones unexpectedly.

The support is indeed overwhelming as cash and good donations through the government agencies like DSWD and other private entities have asked for help.

As our own little way of rebuilding the lives of the afflicted, fund raising activities like selling of shirts is already a big help.

Let us all help the affected families of  Typhoon Yolanda, so, they can resume to their normal life again.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Who Wants a Singing Fashion?

My kid once received a tee - shirt a strange rectangular plastic sheet sewn on his cloth and when he pressed the button on the tail hem, it sings with a matching harmony of colors flashing! Now, I call that cool!

Wearing strange stuffs is way fun but I guess it is not for the mainstream but only for the ones who are bold enough to wear something unique.

Oftentimes, we can see funky fashion music - inspired fashion accessories and apparel with matching music equipment and gadgets including to  cheap evans drum heads drawn on shirts, caps, pants and more.

But, would you wear any singing apparel? I guess, it is really your fashion choice, your fashion statement. Well, special care of course is given to these special fashion and with that, we need extra focus.

Comfort Over Design Triathlon

Triathlon is indeed tough when you have to train for three disciplines of swimming, biking and running spontaneously.

So, it is relevant that one trains hard to be able to compete and to complete the race. The choice for triathlon suit is more than basic and necessary.

wearing my 2 - piece tri - suit from the duathlon race of bike - run - bike

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) Rules require that only a one – piece suit is allowed, but, in the Philippines, some races  allow a 2 – piece. Now, this is only practical since when natures requires to do your thing, taking off the entire suit can quite be a nuisance.

I guess if you are in the race proper, doing your thing can be least of your concerns. I guess for others, if they need to do their thing, then, they just have to do it anywhere possible.

So, before you attend any triathlon competition, do check if it is ITU - sanctioned because you really have to follow prescribed standards and that applies to triathlon suit.

Halloween – Costume Kwaknit Run

Every  Thursday, the Team Matutum of General Santos City holds a regular night run. This run aims to encourage newbie runners  to run or to walk until they get to full running for a an easy 5km route.

the Kwaknit Runners

This evening night run is free and we run in a prescribed color of the night and since the recent Thursday falls on a Halloween evening, we could run in our fun Halloween costume.

So, to add thrill to the run, we surprised establishments as we ran through restaurants and malls in our red blinking lights and scary costumes. While malls and other establishments play loud and cool music,  the people simply had fun. Of course, we won’t miss the evening without awarding the best dressed runners.

Until next run!

Winning Halloween Costumes

We are simply so proud to hear that our nieces and sister won from their Halloween Costume contest. With a self – made up, our sister won first place for the adult category.

The little ones bagged second place and third place too with their cute angelic and fairy costumes. So, in spite of our youngest niece on broken arm in a lightweight cast, she still looked amazing.

my two nieces (from left) on their winning costumes
The Filipino community,  the Akbayan, in Wisconsin annually holds Halloween Party as their reunion with other Filipinos.

So, congratulations ladies!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Triathlon Apparel Basics

My team SBR has finally seen the schedule of a triathlon novice race come December 15 in Davao City. A triathlon has various distances with sprint, Olympic and half – ironman categories as most popular.

Our schedule is somehow looks like this:

Monday – Rest / Swim(pm)
Tuesday – Run (am)/ Swim(am)
Wednesday – Bike (am)/ Swim(pm)
Thursday -  Swim/Bike (am)
Friday – rest/yoga
Saturday – long run
Sunday – swim / bike /run

Now that we have spent months of base trainings, we could only invest on the right apparel for the training and competition.

with my fellow triathlon trainees on our bike session

So, we bought running  dry – fit apparel for easy – dry clothes with running shoes, anti – blister shoes, and running cap.

For our cycling, a good padded – cycling shorts, cycling shoes ( for now, running shoes are our thing), and cycling tops for pocketed stuffs.

Our swimming  includes swimming cap, swimming goggles and paddles / pull bouy and fins.

Our  swim – bike – run cycle would require us any of the most convenient attire. I have my one – piece tri – suit, then, I guess I have to focus on training until race day and hope that our apparel would make us comfortable even if we buy new ones.

my new triathlon suits

The training could be quite a tedious and tough but it would help if friends and loved ones support you with your training, schedule, budget among others. It would help too if you have music player to help you do away  with the pressure.  

Taking a break would help too. So, find  good recreational activities as diversion, you can hang out with friends for a drink, go disco with hard music  among others, and simply loosen up.

Training is hard and tough work but personally I want fun in my training and to find a support system while doing it can be a big plus. 

Halloween Costumes for Trick and Treat

The local malls will  be holding their respective mall events and that include Halloween trick and treat for kids where they can visit stores for candies as they move  around the mall with their  scary and cool costumes. 

My 11 – year old kid was once a human skeleton and eventually moved to becoming a resident evil zombie. 

There are commercially available costumes in local stores or can be ordered online. However, if one is budget – tight, using old torn shirts and pants with some make – up can be enough for zombie costume or  loose clothe, a broom and a hat, the girls can be witches too.

All we have to do is innovate and Halloween’s trick or treat can be fun for everyone.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tacurong City's Talakudong Half - Marathon Plus More

After being sidelined for three months from my usual activities after having bike crashed breaking my  fourth  metatarsal,  I registered for my first 21km race in Tacurong City.

Good thing now that almost everything is visible and accessible online including reid's site and with that registering to runs can be quite handy.

with fellow Team Matutum runners along with Marvel Runners
With only short runs as I had my hand encased, I couldn't run longer  than 10km because of the swell. So, normally my races only include 5kms.

However, as soon as I was out from my cast, I joined the bike races including a duathlon of bike and run.

trying to sustain the pacing after a long run 
I started slow and began my faster pacing minding my pedometer and how my breathing and legs went. My triathlon training keep me in shoes and so, I  had to get used to running to barefoot again. I have to commend barefoot running as it indeed correct my running form.

landing 6th place
I ran continuously and did negative splits as I did my U - turns to the finish line. I finished the race at my fastest, 2:09 and except for the blisters from wet shoes, I am feeling ok, relieved in fact that I completed the race in spite of what I say without proper training in half marathon.
our traditional jump shot after a good run
With my time earlier, I say I am back to the loop and ready to train for another marathon come December.

Old Ladies on High School Uniform

After my masteral studies, I am back to school as I pursue the required 18 units for a licensure exam for teachers.

But, the schooling is more fun as my co - teachers in STI are joined with energetic and cool classmates. So, whenever we have requirements for a class, we normally end up having the same group.

we quite looked foolish but we loved wearing these fun, sexy high school uniforms
 So, when our most recent subject required a role playing for an exam, we geared up with a cool set of uniform from a local mall and we just had fun wearing it and the fact that we are re - living our high school days, we couldn't help but enjoy each moment.

playing fun on the underdog in our role playing
 With a short script to showcase an English class with illustration of Teaching Principles, we somehow nailed it with our natural and cool acts.

with our professor and our group mates
 So, if asked if going to school can be fun? I say yes although it can be burdensome as it gets in the way of training.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Triathlon Wannabe's Woes

Running  has always been my first love and will always be my passion but to improve my running skills I could only use cross training and that includes yoga, zumba and biking.

Having been able to bike, I could only dream to join biking races and would mean  joining triathlons too.  But, this dreaded sport can  be quite demanding to any one who wish to reach the finish line.

But, what does triathlon really require?  It needs A LOT!  We have to master each of the events and adjust to the transition. So, as we prepare for our next triathlon, we have to get used to shifting to bike - run, and swim - bike, and finally, the swim - bike - run.

So, with the downloaded program from the net and with a trusting antivirus like ESET endpoint anti virus  to make sure that my lappy will always be safe.

Squeezing training for triathlon and running can be more than a toll. However, there can be no race worth conquering unless I prepare for what I love - triathlon and running.

So, my schedule now includes a novice triathlon and marathon this year, and an ultramarathon next year. Will I able be to complete all the races? I simply don't know but I could train little by little and enjoy each moment of it with loved ones and friends.

Duathlon Suit Plus More

I recently joined the Tuna Fest Duathlon and the shift from a single event like to multi – sport like the events done in a triathlon can be more than demanding.

So, with my two - piece triathlon suit from a local group and only weeks - old broken hand, I  took the courage to run faster and to drive harder my mountain bike.

with my fellow team SBR duathletes
 The first 5km leg of run was indeed a rat race as runners did faster pacing, however, I only stick with an acceptable pacing as I knew I still have a 20km bike and 2.5 run left.

heading to the transition area from the bike leg

I left  slower runners behind, however, my biking skills and my heavy MTB were incomparable to the advanced biking skills and lighter road bikes.

from the 1st leg of the run
I finished the race in 1:46 landing third in my 35 - and - up age group.  My 2nd run was numbing after a  circuit 20km bike, however, trainings from run - bike - run helped a lot. If only my biking skills and lighter bike, I could have a much faster time.

Nevertheless, I quite love the experience of the duathlon race, and to sport on my triathlon suit along with my team comrades, I felt belong even though I hadn't tried a full triathlon yet.

So, come late quarter, I shall officially put on my triahtlon suit again and do the challenging swim - bike - run events.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spotting Fake Sony Music Players and More

I once had a waterproof  music player from Sony  for my running and outdoor events. However, after a month of use, I lost it while running a long distance with fellow runners.

Sony Music Player can be quite pricey; my Sports water proof MP3 costs about 5000.00 and to see the same gadgets sold at much cheaper rates can be quite alarming.

So, how do we spot the fake from original music player? This might help:

photo source:

  • Price. Check the commercial rates of what you should buy. There can be a local Sony Center with a wide exhibit of their gadgets. Take note of the price of a real one and if  you are sold to something cheaper, be very weary.
  • Physical Characteristics. Just like wampler ego at musician's friend  that  would look good if original, check out distinct features of an original gadget, from color  to capacity.
  • Quality.  While quality and price can be relative, one can't get much from a cheap gadget. I bought 3 new cheap music players but they only lasted, no more than 6 months. So, if you want something to last, get only from a legitimate dealer.  

Triathlon Apparel and More

biking in between runs

a day of swim - bike - run on my new tri - 2XU suit
From running, I simply fall in love with triathlon and I say this sports event is quite tough.  With a continuous activity of swim, bike and run  on progressive distances, one can only be very drained and hungry after the workout.

My last bike crash had caused me to be out of the loop from long runs, biking and swimming and now that I am back, I still need to be more careful as my once - broken hand is still stiff.

Having a triathlon suit for a tri - event is only necessary as the activities call that we are mobile and agile as we complete all the events.

Nevertheless, we just have to have fun and  consider safety at all times.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to Zumba Party

 After a full month of rest from yoga, zumba, and biking, I could only resort to running of short distances since I broke my hand and beaten from a bike crash.

But, the abstinence can only make me anticipate to attending Zumba  sessions in between my full - time class, student load, running trains, and store works among others.

So, in spite of the encased hand, I could only groove harder to sweat out. And  with a blast of funky and butt - grooving music from fender princeton, I could only enjoy more.

After two hours of hard zumba, I  felt the strain from my upper torso and had gone worse the following day. I can only look forward to the next Zumba party with friends and fellow Zumba fanatics.

Yoga Apparel Basics

at Marichi Yoga Camp

Yoga is a low - impact activity that can quite do good on your weight loss program and stress management alternatives.

While this may seem unpleasant for some who have a stiff flexibility like me, it can be like any activity that simply  needs regular practice and mastery.

yoga on non - cotton top and cotton bottom

Yoga apparel may be as simple as any non - cotton apparel that can keep your sweat away. But, with all the yoga stances that you can probably do, wearing the most appropriate yoga apparel can be only be necessary.  You don't want to have all your clothes heavily soaked and loaded.

Yoga at the beach

Depending on where your yoga session will be held, your apparel may be a pair of dry - fit comfy tops and leggings ( long or short).  For some who want to add style and privacy, a loose see - through cover can be added.

With all the pouring sweat and disgruntled hair from an hour or so of stances, a head turban can be helpful.  Make sure too that you have your towel to dry you off and loads of liquid to hydrate.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Bags

We have a good number from Kreativ Boutique whether we have Michael Kors bags and we could only reply none although we have authentic Michael Kors' watches.

Michael Kors fashion collection is pricey ranging from almost  coins and hundred  dollars to thousand and if one sells you an MK at  unreasonable price, get the red - alert sign high because you may be getting a fake.

an original MK from official website of Michael Kors
 The quality of leather must be uncompromised and this includes the quality of thread, zipper and lining. If they look cheap or  asymmetrical or without the MK markings or Michael Kors symbols, then you have a fake.
As I write this post, MK bags are said to be be made in USA but some bags lately are made in China for company's strategic move. Irregardless of the site of production, utmost quality is seen.

The hardware of MK  comes in silver and gold tone and if the bag comes anything less, then, it's a fake.

Buy only from legitimate dealers of MK and should you buy online, read first reviews and return policies of the seller.

You can check authentic MK's from store outlets or their official Michael Kors'  website and compare their features from the fake ones.

Lastly, it pays to be careful as we don't want to waste our good hard - earned money on a knock - off.


How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags
How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags

Wearing the Right Trail Run Apparel

We recently ran a trail of 13 kilometers cruising through muddy terrain, surging rivers, and  grass blades. While I am used to running trails, I could still have lapses and I could only share the don'ts and do' should you like to do a trail run.

Team Matutum trail runners

Here are the tips:

  • Know the trail. Knowing the trail will help you best find the most appropriate trail run apparel. So, check if the trail is all rough road, through creeks or rocks or deep forest.

trail run to Manero's, Brgy Mabuhay
loose rocks on 500m-high terrain
  • With the trail, wear arm sleeves ( or long sleeves - dry - fit apparel), running pants or shorts.
  • It would do you good if compression pants or leg sleeves can be worn.
  • The trail can be stiff if the soil has become muddy or heavily filled with  rocks. The choice for trail shoes then is a major plus.
  • If running uphill can be a toil, a hiking stick can be essential.
  • Never fail to put on sun block, wear an all - weather coat should the temperature drops or the rain begins to pour.
  • Bring a first - aid kit.
  • Bring more than enough hydration supplies - water and food for anticipated hours of trail run.
  • Lastly, make sure that you know the trail or at least bring a guide and let your family know where you shall be running.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Marathon Training and More

trail running on Sinawal
I am helping fellow runners prepare for their first half and full marathon.  While I am not the most eligible runner to coach them about running faster and injury - free, I can only make use of my actual marathon experience and make sure that my training lapses and some strengths can be of good use.

We now follow the Runner's World Run Fast, Run Less programs and will have to see if indeed it can work wonders.  We make use of the city's sports tracks and stairs for speed works and good thing though that with some upbeat music, the training becomes less draining.

On alternate days, we do tempo run and long runs with cross  trains in swimming and core workouts.  A change of lifestyle, diet and vices, is enforced too.

Somehow, we need to log our progress to see how we are doing. So, come race day, it shall be judgment day for all of us.

Cool Triathlon Suits On the Wait

our Tri - Generals Team official tri suits
 My passion for running has finally leveled up as I decided to raise the ante by pursuing triathlon.  So, come December 2013, I shall soon be joining the 1st novice triathlon.
And, I am more than happy that the triathlon athletes have allowed even the wannabes to apply for the suit. 

The triathlon is a 3 - event activity covering swimming. biking and running.  And, this has gained popularity even among Filipino celebrities including Kim Atienza and  Matthew Guidicelli.

So, as soon as I can fully recover from my broken hand, I shall resume to triathlon training.

Spartan Fashion in Remote Community Service

We had the chance to help a T'boli community in Barangay Gasi, Kiamba. We were gracious that friends were able to help me raised more than 250 sets of school supplies to elementary students.

However, the route to the community was  never easy as the day was pouring making the road unpassable to vehicles. We have to cross a river to get to the road and since it was all  muddy, going barefoot was the way.

We had to wrap our stuffs in plastic bags and secure them from rain. Good thing though that we were comfy clothes but we were caught off - guard of the rain, so, we end up recycling big plastics as our rain coats.

We reached the community after an hour of walk and we were glad that the community had welcomed as warmly. We didn't waste time anymore and started giving the supplies. My kid was more than proud that he was able to help.

We can only hope that we can provide more for the community including medical supplies and services, arts and crafts and learning gadgets among others.

The T'boli culture is rich with their culture and this is as colorful as their woven clothes and music.

Go For Waterproof Fashion

Now that rainy season has finally kicked in the Philippines and since schools have started as well early this June, we can't help but be anxious of how we should stay dry from the flood or pouring rain.

You can try the following practical tips:

  1. Go for waterproof shoes. If these aren't possible because of budget or access to these kind of shoes, you can practically bring with you your slippers or boots.
  2. Keep your fancy umbrella handy. There are bendable umbrellas that you can just sack in your bag.
  3. Bring a raincoat if possible. If this is bulky, there are disposable lightweight raincoats for emergency.
  4. Wrap your electronics and important papers in waterproof plastic.
    photo source:
  5. Regularly check weather forecast. Be updated from local or national news or check online weather forecasts.
  6. Lastly, wear waterproof make-up for all - weather beauty everyday.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting a New Beautiful Home

My sister has finally managed to have our old structure rebuilt and now that she has her own family with two kids now, having her own comfortable place is a good idea.

We make sure that she has two rooms, one for the couple and another for the kids. Also, enough spaces for kitchen, dining area, and living room with discount appliances among others.

At least, having them in our family lot  makes it easier for us to bond with them especially the kids.

The idea of getting your own house to make out a home is simply heartwarming.

Biking Apparel 101 and Safety Tips

my fellow runners who are into biking for triathlon
I have been biking on and off and I  say I am always afraid of downhill and unsteady road.  But, as my friends began  pursue triathlon, marathon seems a remote goal already.

My fear only took its toll when a supposedly short fun trail bike gone worst as I biked through a winding rocky off - road with poor brakes and too scared for the unstoppable speed until I lost my grip and hit the ground bruising all my body including my face and  hurting my fingers bad that I cant move them. Good thing though that I didnt hurt my head.  Thanks to my helmet.

So, I am writing article to warn newbie bikers not to commit my same mistakes.  The following are basic safety gears and tips which I believe are essential.

  1. Biking is a skill and with that it requires regular practice. One must get used to biking and be familiar with the gears like front and bike brakes and when to use them. I never use my front bike except for almost to stationary halt.
  2. Invest on good bikes and safety gears including quality helmets (full - faced),  spine guard, elbow and knee pads and safety hand gloves.  While they seem to be expensive, they are worth your money and life. Make sure you will check reviews of what you should buy.
  3. Never bike instantly on the the road with  traffic. I get at ease if I bike on empty road with my fingers steady on the brakes. I gradually bike on busy roads but I let my partner head the way especially if I have to traverse on intersections.
  4. While courage is a thing in biking, safety should not be compromised. So, check your brakes, the trails, your safety gear before you hit the road.
  5. It is important that you bring first aid kit too with your cellphone. And, make sure that you inform your loved ones of where you shall be heading. In the event of accident, apply first aid right away or seek immediate help. 
I shall see my doctor tomorrow and pray that his medications and rest can make me up and biking soon.