Monday, January 21, 2013

Barkada Run: Run for a Cause

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Starting the new year healthy and right as General Santos City Police Office (GSCPO) has resumed with their Tabko Gensan Series with TGS 47 slated this January 26, 2013 at Robinson's Place.

The categories include 1.6km, 3km, 5km, and 10km for  a meager registration fees which oftentimes used for communities adopted by the GSCPO.

As support and as part of my marathon training program, I shall once again run a 10km with my running gear including my music mp3. But with constant rain due to low pressure and ITCZ, I could only be anxious with my non - waterproof music player.

If only I could find the budget to finally buy a SONY music player and record some music along with some great songs from superb musicians.

I hope a good numbers shall attend this fun run and hit the road again.

Kreativ Boutique's Sale of Running/Soccer Apparel

soccer apparel set

running apparel
Kreativ Boutique is on for a year - end sale and that includes selling soccer and running apparel to include some shirts and shorts of varying sizes and styles.

With holidays officially off, it is time to shed off the weights earned from dining and alcohol of strings of parties last holidays.

So, hit the road or the goal with our cool soccer or running apparel for as low as PHP 150.00.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Running Apparel: Style or Comfort?


my usual apparel in a race  

Running is one competitive and gruesome activity and it could be quite a drain especially if you are not appropriately dressed to this feat.

I guess one can choose between style and comfort ( or if you are lucky, then, get both). But, personally when you are all alone running whether in a race or not, you shall be much conscious with what you wear. The basics however that we need something to cool us off while running at our fastest but staying safe should also be an issue. Thus, choose apparel that will encourage vision of you to incoming vehicles.

While there are cases of death and / or injuries related to running, one can still be more cautious. Unfortunately, there are others who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs who need to go through icup drug test here  for pedestrians or others' security.

Good thing that there are sports stores, particularly running stores who sell stuffs that address the unique needs of runners. So, the next time you buy any running apparel, see if it fits your personality and if it indeed provides the needed functionality. 

Should You Get Hair Straigthenings

While we love to see our fave actresses with their lovely locks, we somehow prefer a more straight hair that is free from all the frizz.

There are various hair straightening which may include hair relaxing, rebonding or brazilian blowout. So, what makes these three different? Only the time required for treatment, cost, and aftercare.

Hair Relaxing. The chemicals present in  relaxers  normally includes sodium hydroxide (lye) or ammonium thioglycolate as the active ingredients that loosens the frizz.It may take 1 - 2 hours or less depending on length and does not require thermal heat. Price may vary depending on the kind of brands use and length of hair but it is way cheaper than other hair straightenings. However, hair becomes stiff (unless frequently treated with hair moisturizing treatment) and can cause brittleness if hair is colored or with highlights.

Hair Rebonding. Rebond treatments have formaldahyde as the active formula. It may take however several hours to go through a rebonding process which requires thermal heat through blow dry or ironing and can be more expensive than hair relax treatments. However, the effects are better as hair becomes smooth and shine and more natural.

Brazilian Blowout. Brazilian Blowout is a close relative of rebond only that there is no downtime and restrictions. Like rebond, formaldahyde is also one of the active ingredients. Unlike relax or rebond, you can right away tie your hair. Unfortunately, this treatment is way expensive than hair rebond as it provides the straightening effects plus a lock - in moisturizer which gives the natural bounce and shine that can last longer than other straightenings.

 Remember, regardless of your straightening choice, these are all chemicals that may still pose health risks and make sure that you receive your hair treatment only from legitimate hair professionals.


Hair Relaxer Vs. Rebonding