Monday, February 11, 2013

Trail Running +Trail Biking with Style

Running as motor bikers get a chit - chat
 From the the most recent run, we were joined with trail motor bikers and unfortunately, we have to do more hiking of around 7 hours from more than 2500 feet above sea level.

The scenery was perfect as we get to see Sarangani bay and South Cotabato mountains at higher elevation where air is thin but fresh.   It was like watching the earth in morning day break in different dimension on big screen with flat panel stand figuratively.
when runners can pass through bikers just have to push
While our companions were able to reach the Kalaja River, three of us had to stay put in one of the pit stops for a good rest. The trail back however was more  uphills that we were totally drained.

So, with long hikes, we planned to wear a more comfy apparel so grass blades won't stick in to our running compression. It was a total drain but a total fun.

Yout Trail Run Apparel Basics

Trail running has always been fun and addicting for me personally. So, whenever I can, I practically join or initiate at least a trail run to anywhere in South Cotabato where  we get to enjoy the scenery and run through.

The last trail run was heading to Kalaja River where the elevation is more than 2000 feet above sea waters.

So, with the stiff terrain and heavily grassed turf, it took us around 7 hours to complete the loop. It was then helpful that  we were properly dressed for the trail run to evade the spiky grass blades, scorching heat.

posing with a big smile as I head to the final uphill
So, what makes a trail run apparel basics? We make sure though that we are properly covered with dry - fit or easy wick apparel for the needed cool and light run. Normally, in the earliest part of the trail run, I wear my arm sleeves for the very cool breeze but as I run and warm up, my sleeves are then down.

the entire gang
More importantly, we don't forget that we wear our hat and hydration belt with load of water. Trail shoes and compression pants are more suitable too to protect from inevitable grass blades.

The thing with trail run is you get to run comfortably and fit your apparel based on the possible trail terrain. Shorts are ok if you won't be passing through waist - length height.

Plus, a facial mask is an optional canvass as I use this to cover my nape or face or soak it with water with the soothing effect.

So, enjoy trail run for the needed workout training and scenery immersion.